greatest day at the beach yesterday

i went surfing yesterday and the waves where just all right. the tide was killing it in the morning so we where standing around in the parking lot talking to all the other guys. i pulled out a recent fish that i had shaped and everyone started awing over it and commenting on the board. when i told them that i had shaped it they where all impressed with the quality and the shape of the board.

once the tide went out and the 6-8 guys that where standing in the parking lot went into the water. all of which where riding longboards ( becasue of the quality of the surf) they where amazed with the ease of which i was able to catch waves and the manuverability that the board has.

as i was walking back to the car at least 5 other people asked me about the board, and said how cool it was. i even talked to a shop owner that said if i can get my glass jobs a little better he would be interested in carrying my boards in his shop.

so i just wanted to say thank you to all the guys here on swaylocks, for the commitment to helping all the new young shapers. i have been to the beach in the past with my own boards but with never as much recognition as yesterday. and i know its becasue of all the information that i have learned from everyone on here.

thank you