Greek Stylemaster...anyone with any experience with one of these?

down rails, fair ammount of rocker, flat bottom...saw one a few years back, and one used in a shop in HB recently...curious to know what this board does/doesn't do well....never seen anything quite like it, but it looks like it could be an interesting ride.  any insight appreciated.


Looks awesome, I bet I could have a boatload of fun with this board!  If the price was right, I'd jump on that used deal!  How could you go wrong?

"designed for speed and maneuverability, the Style Master will turn on a dime and deliver silky smooth noserides. Designed by 'The Greek' and built tough by Surftech."

does look like fun...but it ain't a surftech...handshaped poly....never owned a surftech, never will!  anyone taken his poly stylemaster for a spin?