Greenough exhibit.

Not sure if this one has been written up yet or not — I managed to catch the Greenough exhibit at the HB Surfing Museum. It is excellent! They have two Velos’; several Edge Hull types, a balsa board (maybe the shortie??) and a host of housings, fins etc… I was the only guy in the joint and I must have spent 25 min just on the Velo alone. The volunteer told me that the board of directors made sure to screen every person that was going to staff the exhibit because the pieces were so significant. I urge everyone that has a chance to check it out to do so. It is a $2.00 hit to visit the place – make it a $5.00 and the Duke will send some waves your way… Magoo John, Good talking to you today. Item is going via USPS in the morning. Thanks Pal, M

That’s great. Do you know how long the exhibit will be there?

I was told that it was going to go through January of next year.

where is the HB surf Museum located??? ie, what street and it’s proximity to the pier?thanks.

It is 1/2 block west of Main Street about 6-8 blocks from the beach. I think it is the street just east of the Starbucks. Roger