Greenough Spoon

Has anyone shaped a remake of it? Well i know people have, but ive just never seen it, im not taking about a liddle, but a hull with one of greenoughs outline, post it!

check resorces. paul gross made a series of greenough spoons that might be in their. spence has a photo in the resorces of his collection of hulls, including a pg spoon and a 6’ stand-up version, as well as some others.

Ron Romanosky of Balboa, CA makes them. Paul Gross has done them in the past, though I don’t think he’s doing them anymore. Spence (Spencer Kellogg) might - he’s a contributor here, as you probably know.

Best bet would probably be Romanosky.

He’s gots lots of good stuff on his website, including some spoons in stock. He does a range, from Greenough Velos to carbon fiber.

The web address is:


This stand-up 5’4" just left for Japan Have Fun … !!!

Cool board, magicman. I hope you post more of your stuff for our pleasure and inspiration. Good to see you back. Mike


If you go to the site:

There is a picture of a nice red one. Look through the photo’s and the “sea word”.

Sea are made at Byron Bay.


You’ll like this…

nice board, magicman… but it looks to me more like a std kneeboard, and not a flexspoon a la greenough.

at the risk of splitting hairs in the realm of realitivity. To the customer that ordered this stand-up edition of a Greenough-esk style spoon, and I, who designed and shaped it, this is a surfboard … I’ve designed and shaped longer Bellyboards for parapaligic wave riders, then this 5’4" stand-up, which also had a similar outline. One of my favorite personal surfboards, was a 5’3’ down rail outline that was very similar to the board pictured. It had two fin boxes, toed in and canted out by default, at a right angle to the vee that was blended into the bottom. The surfboard turned on a dime, of course, and taught me lessons that are still fundamental in my design approach at this moment. I enjoyed that surfboard 40 years ago … Of course your right 9N78W … this is as much of a basic style of a kneeboard, as any one has ever seen … Have Fun … !!



einstein …

Have Fun … !!

long time no see :wink: I hope to see more of your posts here!!! How 'bout some more board porn of your work? Fish lovers here are wanting…

Yeah really nice to see you posting here , MM.

Jeff McCallum, in san diego has made a few.

Nice Magic Man…got any side views you can share? Is the deck dished? Love the belly.




einstein …

Have Fun … !!

Einstein, doesn’t he post here?

Steve Brom and Rocket Fish, circa 1977.

Photograph : Brian Gillogly

3 glue lines

Brom B Machine

This guy needs some new underwear … Have Fun !!

Here’s a little more flex for your carving pleasures …

both the 3-stringer fish and the flexspoon look nuts. thanks fer putting those up.


both the 3-stringer fish and the flexspoon look nuts. thanks fer putting those up.