Greenroom Epoxy

I’m about to give some greenroom epoxy a go and was checking to see if anyone on here has any advice on its use.I also have some additive f and some accelerator from RR epoxy and wanted to know if they were compatible with the Greenroom epoxy.

I was talking with a guy that builds SUP's and he uses this epoxy. He couldn't say enough about it and the final products he was making came out really good looking. I didn't think to ask him about add f and the accellerator.

His boards were rock solid and also the epoxy was extremely UV tolerant. He showed me a board he had sitting in direct sun for over a month and there was not a hint of yellow. I just bougt a bunch of RR and will go through that first.

Hey jesus,
sent you a PM.
thanks for giving GR epoxy a go.

Jesus, i don’t know for accelerator but i use additif F with others brand of resin (french products) with no problem.


I have been using greenroom epoxy for a couple of years now. No need for additive f. sands well every time. GR slow hardener sets fin boxes in one step with no exotherm problems. I use the fast hardener for all lams and hot coats.

Now I am trying their new West coast "even faster" Hardener which yields near perfect gloss coats.

I switched from the popular brand I was using three years ago and quickly noticed on mixing the first batch that GR didn't get bubbles while mixing and gone was the frothing problem of the old brand while spreading.

Local pick up for me. Tech support is excellent

I’ve seen a few boards made with it as well and they do look sharp,When I get the epoxy in the next day or so I’m going to try a few tests,one being I will route a probox hole in some of the eps I shape with,line it with a layer or 2 of 4oz glass and pour in an ounce of resin with fast to make sure there is no melting,if ther is I will slow it down until I find the happy medium for the foam I’m using,then use that to set my boxes.

Hey Mike,
Glad to hear you will be running some tests. I am a big proponent of people getting to know the materials they are using.
The test you are talking about will be a worst case scenario. One ounce of resin in an empty probox hole will be thicker layer (and have more exotherm) than the thinner “line” of resin that is actually around an installed box. One ounce mix with fast in a half inch thick layer will exotherm to around 250 degrees F whereas one ounce mix spread to a 1/8 layer will only exotherm to around 95 degrees F. I did alot of testing of exotherm when trying to get FCS plugs to work in EPS (before fusion boxes). There is a thread on that somewhere here on Sways. A fairer test might be to route a quarter inch wide slit about one inch deep and the length of a probox and fill that to the top. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, I sent you a PM with some more details.
Let me know how things go.

Hi Rob that is a good point,I figured if my foam holds up to some overkill then I will have no worries,I will try the thin line test you suggested as well.The eps I’m using is 2# construction grade but its a large bead foam and quite rugged.

I also been using the GR epoxy system for over 2 years now and think its the best, it sands great and really works for my wakesurf boards, the cloth they sell is good as well. A one stop shp for me.I will have to talk with David about the new westcoast hardener.

I’ve been using Green Room Epoxy exclusively for a few years now.  I tried a few of the other more popular brands and I will not go back to any of them.  Green Room gives less fish eyes, sands better, and makes a stronger board.  I’ve never had a single problem with the stuff.  It’s hard to believe the stuff hasn’t become more popular,  because it really does make a better board IMO.  Also, Dave at Green Room is great to deal with.  They also supply Marko blanks and Aerialite cloths (which I also prefer the epoxy specific cloth over other cloths).  I’ve been using Marko with the Aerialite cloths and either Green Room Epoxy or Resin-X for all my boards.

Green Room Epoxy is Aerialite epoxy right? I would have to say that Aerialite epoxy is the best of the best if you want a clear that stays clear and easy to work with!!

A note on handling Green Room Resin - or any other for that matter.  With the small batches I typically use on boards, pumps are my friends while larger gravity fed containers with stop-cocks for boats/panels/furniture/etc. are most useful.

Dave was adamant about the mix ratio so I asked him about dispensers for metering while weighing after a batch was ordered but he didn’t have a suggestion for the gallon containers used which are the same types of container anti-freeze is sold in.

The resin box was scoured and a couple of unused West System pumps were found then cobbled onto the tops and extension dip tubes were added. 

of the same type were used so volume is easy - two pumps to one which
also gets you in the ballpark when you want to mass out your mix.

The scale in the pic is good for a half gram so get close with the pumps and top off to 100 + 44 (slow hardener) grams = 5.08 oz.

[img_assist|nid=1054463|title=Resin dispenser pumps|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=480|height=640]

That’s the cleanest epoxy scale I’ve ever seen!

Saran wrap and vinegar are my friends also that’s a replacement for the one to messed up to post in pics.

The studio scales get used for casting mixes, ceramic glazes and other projects as well so keeping them clean is pretty important.

I picked up 1.5 gallons today and went ahead and did my test.I routed a probox hole and lined it with 1 layer of 4oz glass and poured in 1oz of greenroom epoxy(using 100%fast hardener).No melting at all.I’ve yet to glass a board with it but the resin is very wet and there are no bubbles even though I mixed fast,the only ones I saw were very tiny.No frothing or cloudiness of the resin and it dries very clear.I’m eager to get a board shaped so I can give it a go.

This is good stuff,plenty of working time and it wets out fast,easy to move around and it is very clear.I’m hooked so far,if you haven’t tried it yet you should give it a go.I just did the best glass job I’ve ever done and I’m stoked.

This is good stuff,plenty of working time and it wets out fast,easy to move around and it is very clear.I’m hooked so far,if you haven’t tried it yet you should give it a go.I just did the best glass job I’ve ever done and I’m stoked.

RESIN RESEARCH is the BEST hands down !  I've work with them all.....try RR Kwik Kick's Great

Flip time?


RESIN RESEARCH is the BEST hands down !  I've work with them all.....try RR Kwik Kick's Great



I have never heard of resin research on Swaylocks. Please tell us more !