Greetings from Ixtapa!

Hey gang!

Well…after a hellish(actually it wasn’t that hellish) day of travel with the wife, daughter and mother in-law…I finally made it.

I hooked up with some other surfers…getting a 6’6" thruster from a local shop for the week…and providing this pesky broken rib doesn’t give me to much trouble, I’ll be surfing by tomorrow!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some pics to post.


I scoff in your general direction. Here’s a tip for Mexico travel, DRINK THE WATER TODD! Trust me =)

ya! I hear the water down there is the bomb! (snicker, snicker)

Toddster have a great time

Howzit kensurf, I have been there and the water can get so warm it will melt the wax right off your board. Not sure about this time of since I always go in the summer when it’s hot.Aloha,Kokua

Heading out for my first surf session today at el playa linda(sp?)

Renting a 6’6" from one of the local shops…STOKED!

Put in a message to Primer yesterday and left him my contact info here.

Hopefully I will get to meet him too!

What do you mean? The water here is fine!(belch, cough, retch, spit)

I’ll let you know how the ocean water tastes by the end of the day!

Mahalo my friends


Im glad to see your up and about.

I was refering to the drinking water as a pun at the Toddster

hope he has a blast and gets some good waves

Go to the the RANCH! Real sick point. Leonel “Catcha leolain Ixtapa” has plenty of boards and real nice guy.

Quick update

Leon is a very cool guy. I got this decent little 6’6" from him and he went surfing with us today. Oh!..and the locals here SHRED!

Monday…bad surf, but I surfed well so I was still stoked.

Today…good surf…but I was totally blowing it all morning long. I was just about to head in when I caught this sick little left and I milked it for all it was worth. When I looked up, there were people screaming and cheering on the beach! I thought to myself, “they must not have seen you KOOKING it out the whole rest of the morning.”

Well…I guess I’m gratefull that this was the one of those rare times somebody actually SAW me catch my wave of the day.


Howzit synergytodd, Since you are in the area make sure you get a surf at Saladita ,used to be real hard to find but I understand that has changed. It’s a really fun left that is really long ,and I mean really long.Aloha,Kokua

Aloha Kokua! Hope you are feeling better.

I’m going to Saladita tomorrow. I heard Saladita is a great left.

A few people have told me it’s a longboard spot. I hope not…cuz I can’t surf longboards! lol

Well…If that’s the only choice I have I’ll do my best.

I wanted to head up to Primer’s place but I just can’t make it. I really wanted to meet a fellow Swaylockian in another country.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! If I’m on a longboard…I’ll need it!