Greg Loehr Fox Surfboard

Came across this on Craigslist.  Thought some of you might be interested.  Seller claims it has never been waxed up or used.  I'm guessing this board is from 1983.

4 fin … cool.  Shaped tons of these at Fox … Wave Weapon model

Hey Greg, is that board from the days when you'd rough out up here and drive a load down every week to fine-shape at Fox?

Yes … exactly

While you're on here, check this one:


Found this in a shop. I like twins, so I figured I’d post it. Seems like it’d be a lot of fun for the summer. Lots of foam. I looked it over briefly, and it seeemed to have a double concave? Something was going on with the bottom. Did Mr. Loehr shape this one as indicated on the deck?

Craigslist ad in the original post says south jersey. This was in LBI. Same board, several years later?



Saw one of Gregs old long boards on Craigslist a couple of years back a Aipa sting shape with a very deep channles. It was one of those boards I wish I had bought. Looked like it would have been a speed monster and a really unique ride.