Greg Tate's M.R. twin fins .....

thanks , Greg , for sending me these to resize and post here .

… enjoy !

the old…


And the new…[“twin finner”] …

Hey Ben,

How far up from the tail are the little wings?

hi Mike !

I’m not sure , these are Greg’s boards …maybe he can answer you .

I know on the ones I’ve come across here in perth , 7" for the 1977 one a neighbour had , and 8" for a year 2000 twinny [only] ‘replica’ a mate had .

hope that helps .


[I have the other dimensions for those boards , too. If you like I can pm them to you ??]

On the vintage MR the wings are at 7 inches from the tail (or would be if the tips hadn’t been broken off). On the new MR the wings are at 8 7/8 inches from the tip. I have a data measurement sheet with all the good on an Excel spreadsheet. PM me with your email address and I’ll send it.

Ben, thanks for putting these up.

Anyone out their ridden an old MR like that who could share a few thoughts on the ride?