grinding down plugs

what does everyone use to grind down fcs, finboxes, and leash plugs?

i just power sand the heck out of them with 60 grit. they disappear surprisingly fast

yeah. i have been using 60 grit also. it takes the plugs down nice w/o burning holes in the board. just take it easy

Howzit Austin, I use 50 grit paper, I usually grind a little on a set of plugs then move on to the next set. I grind about 1/3 each time so as not to heat up the plugs. If you get the plugs to hot while grinding they can delam and then it’s a bad install and will have to be replaced. Aloha, Kokua

36 grit on a dotco angle grider then clean up with 80 on a pad

I’m with JR. 36 grit doesn’t heat up as bad. Especially on FU, o’fish’l or future boxes.

if you can see a small crack or opening around a plug or finbox, is that a delam. from too much heat??

sorta, the box heats up and expands the resin hardens and the box cools off and shrinks. put a bit of glass over it (but you know that).

Usually a grinder with 36 grit hard disc (variable speed).But here’s another way I tried once…I have a Japanese “Dozuki” type saw…flex blade.fine cut etc. I just layed it on edge and cut the plug right off…the blade just slid over the hotcoat,it worked fine and no heat or burn thru worries.You can get these saws just about anywhere they have woodworking tools. R. B.

ive used my router before works quite well! i just setup a jig made out of hardboard and set the routerlevel with the glass and only had to lightly sand afterwards!

Right on Pauluk…I have the same jig for routing over longboard boxes.I was using the saw on a leash plug.I use future fins for thrusters and sidebites.