Grinding wheel for lam resin

im looking for a grinding wheel that i can use to rough down my home made fins. preferably something that will fit my 7" grinder and won’t clog up with the lam resin. oh, available at home depot or lowes too. there are a ton of different ones to get, tile, steel, general mason…etc. which one will work or what is an alternative?

I use a disk…6 or 8 inch. 36grit to start…if the resin is cured it shouldn’t clog this.H

even lam resin?

heavy bio. blackwater is paying big bucks for paramedics by the way.

why not throw down a hotcoat, that will let you use any grit.

Aluminum Oxide cuts with the best value, BTW

ok…can i do that by dosing my uv sanding resin with extra catalyst?

I should clarify, that UV Sanding resin is UV Hotcoat. “Hot” coat in this context

is the accepted nomenclature for Laminating Resin with Surfacing Agent in it.

This resin tends to be applied “quicker” with more catalyst but with UV resins, there

is no need to accelerate, as the reaction tends to be pretty darn quick…

…I think your UV Sanding resin will do just fine without adding anything to make it

kick any faster. The whole point in the Hotcoat is to keep your sandpaper from clogging.

(my science rant)

Hotcoat/Surfacing resin has an additional agent (a resin solvent and Paraffin wax), to

keep the Lam resin from staying sticky. The paraffin wax floats to the surface and

blocks the contact of lam resin’s open bonds from free oxygen in the room. Hotcoat

also acts as a thickness buffer and filler to produce a smooth finish whilst maintaining

structural integrity. You can also block the free oxygen from Lam Resin by laying down

a (clear) plastic sheet when possible, as when making “Fin Sheets”.

don’t know if I helped just now or messed things up, ha hah. Good Luck! George

yeah, that helps. thanks dude.


…I think your UV Sanding resin will do just fine without adding anything to make it

kick any faster.

if i may be so bold as to add something…

UV resin kicks TOO QUICK! the surfacing agent needs time to rise to the surface, so when hotcoating with UV resin, you’ll need to let it sit for a couple minutes BEFORE bringing it out into the sunlight. this will allow the wax to rise before it cures, which is what gives you that nice sandable surface.

If lam resin is cured it WILL sand just as sanding resin will…if it’s gummy, it’s not cured.

But by all means,put a layer of hot coat resin over it to save you the time…either or UV or MEKP will do.

Or…you can put a sheet of waxpaper over the panel and heat it up w/ a gun…that works as well…,.H

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