Hand shaped wood keels - should they be sealed before glassing

Hey sways,

I just hand foiled some keel fins using craft plywood.  My question is should I seal them with a thinned out coating of lam or sanding resin before I attach to the board?

I have pre sealed balsa before but Im not sure its necessary with plywood - craft quality - not marine.


Also - I have seen some fins that appear to be color stained.  Id assume after a stain that a thin seal coat would be a good idea (Y/N).  Or best to just go with clear?


Thanks for your help in advance.


Hi yoyo,

I seal mine with lam resin before glassing them.  Water base color stains will probably be fine on the wood.  I’d do a test on a chunk of wood first,though.  You can also use tints and pigments in the lam resin when you glass them, just like a surfboard.  Mike


Thanks for the help. 

I do have some water based stain - Good idea - Ill try some on some scrap and see how it looks.