Hansen 50-50 Question

 Can anyone provide information as to what time period this hansen 50-50 could be from? I am trying to determine whether it is of newer construction or actually from the late 60’s thanks. 

Probably not.  I'd have to see better pics.  What's written along the stringer?  Hansen did do colored foam stringer work.  Decks pretty white for a '60's board.  Can't tell much from the pic, but the rail looks like a modern 60/40 rail.  What's the fin and box.  If it doesn't have a screw thru the deck or a glass-on; it's probably not '60's.  That would be the whitest 60's Hansen I have ever seen(if it is). Check out the other Hansen thread.

Looks to be mid 60's.    Look on the deck by the tail, and report back the board number, and any initials or symbols.    Does it have a glass-on fin, or box fin?   Decal, stringer, and wide pinline, are consistant with the era.

M thoughts exactly on the wide pinline and logo.  Clear background on the logo and a wide pin are consistent with the 60's.  Can't tell much else from that pic.

You guys keep calling me out on old Hansens.  Below is a Old hansen 50/50 (family board)...It is completely white. No dings...no scratches. They stay white if they stay out of the sun...wierd.  As you can tell the logo is placed in the lower half of the board..hence 1960's.  The board above has pinlines under the glass and sprayed on the foam, and the logo is on the nose...or at least thats what I can tell?Hansen

That is a beautiful board you have resinhead. I am waiting on the guy to respond to sending me more pictures and the serial number. I am looking into buying it and wanted some input onto the year and value of the board. He says that it needs some work and is not in perfect condition as you can tell from the pictures. He is asking $500, i think its a lot to ask for that board, but what do you guys think? thanks for the info. I also am about to aquire a trade for this Hansen Pointed Pintail Mike Doyle Model and was wondering what you guys thought of it. 

Super clean old 60's longboards are worth 1000-1200. Just about the cost of a new name brand board. Boards with a ding or two are worth 500-700.    That 50/50 you posted up is about 350 or so.  it looks like it had a bit of rail work done.    Old boards used to be worth quite a bit more. The market is depressed, and your buying price should reflect that.

There are a lot of boards on the market, you should be able to get something really nice for 500.

Actually I think if you knew some one with access to hansen you should be able to buy a new 50/50 for 500-600.  Thats about cost.

No way to tell for sure by that one picture. The lam near the nose is one thing that say “not 60s”. Though, there were exceptions then.

The fin is key. It looks like many late 60s boards that Hansen was doing with the wedge foam stringer and bottom tint. But, modern replicas can have that, too. Hansen was doing a proprietary fin system from about 66 to 68. Then switched to WAVESET. Their system was similar to Hobie’s with a bolt through the deck. It was found mainly in early transition boards. Under 9’…

Who are you guys?  Who's calling anybody out?  Just general comments made by all about a not so revealing photo.

Thanks everyone for the input i appreciate it. Everyone has different opinions and i am just thankful that people provide good insight. Thanks guys

Okay so the guy just emailed me and said the Hansen 50-50 has a serial number of 18723 but could not find a signature. So can so offer some insight on to what year this might be?


''..... the Hansen 50-50 has a serial number of 18723 but could not find a signature. ''


The shapers did not ''sign'' the boards, but used a symbol or initial.   Find out if the number has a dot on either side of the number, or a squiggle  (~) on either side of the number.    The dot would indicate Buzzy Smole, the squiggle, Richard Templin.     I suspect the board was produced in 1969.

EDIT: If the letter  T   follows the number, then I shaped it.