Hansen Master surfboard

Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew any info on a hansen master, serial number is 15505 I would greatly appreciate it. I am guessing its a 67ish year but not 100% sure.

any help would be greatly appreciated



My last longboard before the “revolution” was a Hansen master which looked very much like your board, only it was clear. I got mine in the spring of 67’…

suggest you call them and talk to them about this one…


… didn’t Bill T. shape for Hansen? All I know is that that’s a SWEET lookin’ ride!!!

Your board was shaped by Fred (Buzzy) Smole. The DOTS, at the beginning and end of the number sequence, identify Buzzy as the shaper. If I had shaped the board, there would be a T at the end of the number sequence.

thanks for the help, just curious on the board, I collect hansens and have a few different nodels, lopez, roland, stratoglas and this master