Hap Jacobs longboards

I have a line on used 10’ foot single fin (finbox not glass-on) Hap Jacobs longboard. It’s in real nice condition - a few little scratches but no dings or pressure dents. It’s a recent-vintage,not an older board. Nice glass job/stringers. Is $550 a good price? Anyone have any feedback on this shape? It’s fairly traditional shape (in fact i think the model is called “traditional” – it’s not the 422. Anyone riding this board? How is it? How’s it noseride? Thanks

Sounds like a fair price to me. They are going for 750-800 in FL. At this point I would like to tell a little story. Recently I was at The Longboard House in Melbourne Florida and one of the guys there tried to sell me a Hap Jacobs. His ploy was that Hap has cancer and will be dead soon and that I should buy it because it will go up in value. At that point I turned and left the store in disgust. I don’t know Hap personally but I hope that he is doing well. And as for the #$%^heads at the LBH, I hope that people recognize you for the $$grubbers that you are! ToddO

Get the board. I probably don’t have to tell you, but Hap is by far one of the finest shapers alive, and he’s also a very nice gentleman. I have all my boards glassed at his shop, and every time I walk in that place, I’m amazed at almost every board I see in there. I’ve peeked at him while he’s shaping, and you can tell he’s not just a pro who just rubs the rails of the boards in his room. He does it all, one at a time, and takes his time. So you’re not getting any junk. I may be completely ignorant, because I hadn’t heard of the cancer story until now, maybe it’s true; maybe it’s not. Regardless, you won’t be sorry for that price. New ones around here run from $700 up to $900…and up.