HAPPY NEW YEAR , hope everybody had a fun and safe one ,

                         My 22 year old son arrived in New Zealand dec 30th , he will be there for a couple more days and then off to Adelaide  . He has a 12 month visa to work and explore down under . His major is vitaculture ( winemaking ) and its the season for winemaking right now . Work will be winemaking first choice but will take whatever comes up . Organic farming , restaurant work , bookstore etc , etc  . He is into food and drink . He will be making his way up to Sydney in the future . 

   Any suggestion for dos and dont's or must see things  while he is there ? 


 I would like to visit and surf . I am 52 years young and surf mainly longboards .  What are the best months  for surf ? Shape and conditions are more inportant than size . I am thinking  of the area around Byron bay or Noosa any other suggestions ? 

                                         Thanks again and happy new year   .  james

If its on the east coast, you should be able to find waves for your longboard pretty much in most places from the bottom of victoria, up to past brisbane and beyond, at all times of the year.


Best wishes for your son, there are plenty of wineries/wine industry down there, and in victoria.  I apologise in advance for the football they play, its a little odd hehe.

Hey Beerfan , no worries about our football . My son is a huge fan of Blacks rugby .

Have agreat new year and get wet !