has anybody here laid up Future fins with cant?

Hi i am keen to try to experiment in laying up some panals with cant angles built in for the futures box. Has anybody done this or tried to?


Cheers i will show my ideas as they come into reality.


I have tried with limited success.

Did some small panels with an area with a distinct angular change in them.

Wasn’t to happy with them.

Flat panels are much easier.

Good luck.

I’d love to see them.

me too , please show us [the process] , when you make them !

  [ my brother and most of the crew here use ‘Futures’ , so I NEED to start making them …]


 cheers !


Is it possible to lay up a flat panel fin and then use heat to set a cant?

I copied this off Rich Harbour’s website, and was curious if anyone had ever bent a fin using this technique:


Surfboards are very sensitive to heat. Most polyester resin begins to noticeably soften at only 150 degrees. Foam begins to become unstable at about 130 degrees. A dark colored board can reach these temperatures in just minutes. I have seen surfboards get amazing twists from improper storage or exposure to heat. More than one customer has brought back a fin that is severely warped. I have to inform him that the fin and surfboard have been exposed to excessive heat; usually in a car while it is resting on the fin. This fin is not ruined! Heat a large pot of water to 160 degrees. Using tongs, immerse it for about 30 seconds. Pull it out and using pot holders, bend it straight (it should be as soft as salt-water taffy). After it cools it is as good as new.

If you are going to lay them up by hand the easiest way would seem to be to lay up them up with some extra material on the over all thickness and then on one side a few more strips where the base of the fin would be and then machine the cant into the base and not the other way around. (flat base and angled fin)

Not sure if you have access to a mill but it can be done fairly easy and the cant degree would have endless options.

Diamond tooling will work the best - machines fiberglass no problem and would leave you with blended edges and no chipping.



" then on one side **a few more strips where the base of the fin would be , **and then machine the cant into the base , and not the other way around.  "


" pico"…


[I just remembered !]


 … didn’t YOU do something similar to  'wideawake’s suggestion , above ?


  [now if I can just find what thread that was on ? … it may have been  in amongst the multitude of pages in the 'what are you working on?" thread , perhaps ?? …or maybe on the ‘show us your homemade fins’   thread ?  ]

hi bankswar !

google is our friend eh ?!


here …




( at the bottom of the page , is his reply to my question ,  ’ how he did it ? ’ … [italics and bold , mine ] )


…enjoy , mate , I hope this is helpful ?!   [ with much **thanks **, to ‘Pico’ ! ]


  cheers !





Re: [chipfins61] Show us your home-made fins ....

by : "PICO" ....
Posted: Tue, 2012-11-06 04:01

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Hey Ben, thanks for the kudos. To get the base anlge wasn’t too difficult only because the twinzer doesn’t have much cant.

To achieve this I added the 5 sheets of 6 oz white opaque after the 30 some sheets of blue/green tints which seemed thick enough when visually compared to a future base. then I sanded the white opaque off at the angle I wanted, and matched the other side. Not super technical but it worked fine.

The screw doesn’t need to thread in. it just needs a little lip to hold onto. once all was foiled etc, I clamped my fin with a future fin and drilled out the groove on the back and the place for the grub screw, finish sanding and testing and voila, perfect fit. I was really surprised at how well it worked and how easy it actually was.  "



There was a thread with pictures where someone had made a mold to cast the futures bases and cant onto foiled fins

indeed !


  I have that saved [‘add to favourites’]  , on my computer at home , I will check when I return there , Tom ! [it ‘may’ also be on that 'show us your homemade fins ’ thread , from memory ?]  or else , an older , similar thread to this one ?  [the search mechanism ain’t what it WAS , nine years ago , here …]






Hey thanks for the input, tomorrow i will go into to see the fin guru and talk about ideas.  If all gos well i may get some work out of it.

…one more thread …


[ It is not the one that I saw yesterday , but ‘Camplus’ has some great tips / ideas…]




 cheers !


i have not done it but have thought about it a lot. well if you have access to a mill then now brainer but…seems the best way backyard style would be to build a flat panel with the desired angle on the edge of the panel. could use plywood or sheet metal or even sheet foam. then lay up the fiberglass on top of the panel. someone on here has probably already done it…

…yes, I done that way; I did it mainly for the 4wfs, due to the lack of fin templates. You should have more than one with different angles or hybrid ones (side with one cant then the other with different one)

You should let the raked part longer than the base of the fins to have a tight lamination.

You should have a perfectly defined edge on that angle, not a curvy line.

I used stainless steel sheet.

Long time without make them (I make the normal panels and fins in weekly basis) because I hate make fins (in more than 25 years in this labor I have been making all the fins for my boards until I started to use 4wfs; however I use it on small percentage of the boards and as I said, I made custom ones for that system too)…next week I ll make some custom box fins for eggs and I m trying to not think about it ha ha.