...Has anyone here seen / got this dvd ?

"And Then The Wind Died " …an Irish Surfing DVD …


…if so , i’d be interested in knowing what you thought of it , please ?

[an irish mate of mine here wants to buy it , and I would be very keen to see it , too !]

cheers for any help !


I’m not surf it its even released yet.

Its a bit controversial here, as you can imagine, the Brit tow crews are all over it. You then get all the Hype “The best wave in the British Isles” which reall pisses us off as we are not part of the british isles, nothing to do with britain in fact, except we share the most radioactive sea in the world with them - all their doing.

So please, the best wave in Ireland or Oireland to the seppos :wink: Ha Ha Ha


I found a link to a trailer for it- looked beautifully filmed but seemed to be mostly tow surfing which I personally don’t care to watch. It’s impressive and wild but I’ve seen enough. Definitely didn’t seem to be out yet either- I hope it’s not another Hydrodynamica!