has anyone tried the new Just Foam blanks made in CA?

The new polyurethane blanks made in California are getting better every week. Just wondered what the forum thought of them? I saw some shaped and it was definitely harder than Clark, super white and the tell is they surf unreal. Most of the Orange county and SD county guys know about them. Lets hear some feedback.


How about some details where we can get the blanks from, so we can try them out. I also hear that there is a new foam factory on the GoldCoast Australia that’s making some real nice foam


I hear that Factory on the west coast of Australia is making unreal foam, I’m not sure what it’s called though. Maybe you could find out and let the locals know.

The Just Foam contact is or 949 310 8377.

You guys wouldn’t work for each of those companies you mentioned would ya?


you’d probably get a better response from this crowd with a slightly different approach, as in,

Hi, I work for Just Foam, we are a relatively new outfit in Southern California, we make _______ and _______ and these are available at ________ and __________. Feel free to PM me with any questions or for a price list.

And or post an ad instead.

Just a suggestion.

Most of the San Diego,and Orange Co. guys DON’T know about them. I suggest the mfgr. comp some blanks to a QUALIFIED known, or name shaper for a proper evaluation of the product. If it is a better mousetrap, as you suggest, word will spread quickly.

This is not meant as an advertisement or endorsement - just an update on a new product that might be worth your while. I contacted Scott via email and this is what he had to say…

I am currently pouring only a 6’5” x 2.75” thick and a 6’8” x 3” thick at a super lite and ultra lite weight. The Foam is harder than Clark’s blue and it’s the same density all the way thru.

$35 for the 6’5” and $38 for the 6’8”. I am having a larger 6’9” and a 9’6” made and should have the molds done by end of year or January.

Just Foam

High Performance Foam

San Clemente, CA

949 310 8377

I actually posted on Industry Talk and posted the question on All Discussions because I sincerely wanted to know what the feedback from the general community is. So far some very well known shapers have given me outstanding feedback along with their team riders, but I am not comfortable revealing who they are due to what Clark has done in the past to many of the shapers who were found to have someone elses foam in their shaping bay. I am sure anyone who has shaped for more than 1 year understands the dilemma most shapers find themselves in. I am hoping someone who does not depend on Clark for their livelihood can give some honest feedback, good or bad.

Dont get to exited boys and girls the 2 i got were like cheddar cheese and when i was glassing them the rail shrunk away on both blanks for about 25 cm not like clarke blue at all you said you wanted honest feedback you got it sorry to be fussy ,few bugs to go ,sticken with clarke see you at blacks

wow MasterMike, this is the first I hav ever heard of one of the blanks “shrinking” or looking like cheddar cheese. Each of the blanks has to be cut in order to put the stringer in and no one of the 1st quality blanks delivered “looked like cheddar cheese.” Some 2nds were sold over a month ago that may have fit that bill. I replace all bad blanks and every shaper who has shaped one usually calls me with feedback. I appreciate the “honest” feedback and I am wondering why no one has called me to complain? Here’s my phone number so I can replace the blank(s) and find out why only your blanks looked the way they did and shrunk.

Scott 949 310 8377