Haven't posted here in a long time...

Wow! Swaylock’s has really changed in the last several months. The new look is great. I had to sign up again so I could start posting.

I don’t have much experience shaping anything except blanks with basswood stringers. What are some of the other type of wood stringers out there that look as good or better than basswood? Also, what is a real easy to work with wood stringer? I heard that cedar is very easy and smoother than bass.

Thanks, Grant

Yes Swaylocks has changed,

but other things remain the same.

Remember the Fat Penguin?

Its back, except now its a 17 Foot Wooden Longboard thats

the best and fastest thing since the invention of the Wheel.

And yep you guessed it ,you can buy plans!

What?? Havent heard of it??

–You soon will!

Ahhhh Yes, The 'ol Chubby Dodo. Can’t forget that wonderful invention! So, anyone here prefer working with a particular type of wood stringer instead of bass wood, that’s in many of the stock Clark Foam blanks? I do believe that may have been my original question…not too sure though ‘~’