Hawaii Surfer Stuns Physicists With Theory of Everything!

I wonder if anyone has tried sanding across the board with 100 grit and slightly into the glass to expose the surface fibers? That might replicate Garrett’s dolphin skin. Who knows, he might have been doing that himself for years.

Maybe incorporate a layer of polypropylene cloth over the glass cloth so the glass isn’t compromised. Make better vortex fibers too. Or what was that polyester cloth Sammy used?

Probably a formula for creasing, but every dog has a different set of fleas.

I’m biting my lip opening my mouth again…

But this theorem if proveable is much more important than the dolphin skin thing.

But since artificially reproduceable boundry layer cutaneous ridges(muscle and sponge) was a favorite topic of mine when I had dreams to be another Jacques-in-the-Box UW Physical Oceanographer in the 1970s when everyone else was getting stoned or shot. Here some additional reads.

Gray’s 1936 dissertation and MO Kramer’s stuff was what I was following back then but Carpenter has published alot more recent stuff:

I’d attach them but they are too big.


“Why Do Dolphins have Cutaneous Ridges?”

Peter W Carpenter, Reza Ali

Scholle Engineering, University of Warwick Coventry CV 47AL UK


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Dolphins have a secret?

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“Features of Dolphin Skin with Potential Hydrodynamic Importance”

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MO Kramer

“Boundry layer control by Artificial Dolphin Coating”

Naval Engineering Journal pp 41-45

October 1977

Nothing to do here with fighting with each other or the wood or other petro chemical stuff discussed here though

A proveable Unified Theory is very important though

Just wondering if the guy thought so hard on this that all his hair fell out and all the others genius’s like Albert didn’t…

I guess that’s the price of a breakthrough…

they are already doing this with a nanoparticle paint coating…

100% muscle+neurons+thick sponge epidermal much different scenerio

Morey came the closest to understanding the concept

Hey Bernie,

Did I ever mention I exchanged messages with Fish F. E.?

He’s been working with Nauen and Lauder since then.

I have a strange feeling I had something to do with that.

Not taking credit just wondering about the energy flow.

Thanks for posting on my thread. Things are nice and peaceful here so far. That’s a good sign. Bernie’s posted a lot of good reads for anyone who is interested.

BTW dug the new boards.

Thanks for the positive energy.

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I’m not human !!!

I’ll admit it !..H

I once had a theory of everything, but then I remembered I hadn’t had a beer that day.

Ha! I know what you mean. Except my aha came after a few beers. Couldn’t remember what it was when I woke up though and I as left with a Theory of Nothing, TON. There’s always a kernel of truth in humor. Sometimes it’s really small. (grin) But Garrett said he had a not too dissimilar experience.

“In my dreams at night, these new Higgs fields give the CKM matrix, but I don?t know how that works when the sun comes up.”*


*From: Garrett Says:

November 9th, 2007 at 7:29 pm

near line 60


How long will it take for everyone to understand?

Just go back to surfing for me, never really was much into gravity.

That sounds very familiar.



How long will it take for everyone to understand?

Just go back to surfing for me, never really was much into gravity.

No gravity → no surfing.

obviously depends upon which surf you prefer. I am not so sure gravity was essential to life.

Like MTB said.

  • all life develops in gravity.

Think of the wonder that 5 minute epoxy can do,

Beats gravity in just 5 minutes…

Visual graphic plus explanation.


Not much into gravity? Well that’s not exactly possible. Gravity is not a free choice. If as you say you like surfing, then I would say yes you were not only very much into gravity, but that gravity is very much a part of you. Gravity is in everything in the universe. And when you surf you are actually surfing on Surface Gravity Waves.

That is why I am not surprised in the least that it’s a surfer who has formulated the current ToE. We ride surface gravity waves. That’ll make you think twice.

"Ocean surface waves are mechanical

waves that propagate along the interface between water and air; the restoring force is provided by gravity, and so they are often referred to as surface gravity waves."



Speaking of defying gravity…

Here’s an entertaining video for anyone who has followed this far on this thread. A sixteen year old New Jersey guy performs a 360 tail whip with his hands tied behind his back. A must see!


Ok, I tried to read the article and I have to say it’s pretty complicated.

The truth is that most of mathematical or physics theories are very complicated for anyone, exept for the one who wrote them. So I guess I’ll have to wait untill someone writes this thery down in a more-easy-to-understand way.

Yo to the physic-surfer.


my point was

why limit myself to defying gravity if the earth was flat?

As points go, sir, your point is pointless.

Thank you.

so are you saying history is pointless? Or the people who believed it was flat?

btw, I am not sure you understood my point.

I stand by my previous statement.