Hawaiian Flag on Bottom of Funboard?

Will it piss anyone off? I don’t want to diss any locals. I had a sweet Fender Strat that had a Hawaiian Flag on the front and I had no problems in concerts and clubs. Still, that was a while ago…actually it can be seen in an episode of Magnam PI - the Halloween Party one.


I don’t think anybody would get pist,unless of couurse you snaked um’…


Howzit Boondock, I put Hawaiian flag lams that I’ve made on boards alot and no problems ,but then again I’ve lived here for 36 years. Over here you can buy Haw. flag stickers at Wal-Mart and just stick them on your board. That way if you get any flack you can just take it off. One thing is I won’t just put a lam on just any bodies board. They better be Hawaiian or a long time Kamaina. But if you want e-mail me and I can send an attachment picture you can down load and print your own. Aloha,Kokua

her er en skandinavisk flag som jeg legget paa bolgebaaten. jeg hoper at ekte vestkisst nordmen er ikkje oppissit. Unkjeld meg for uhere forferdlig norske sproke.

hey soup , i had a norwegian girlfriend once and she taught me to say “Jeg har hval cuk” - i think ive spelt it wrong but can you give me a translation?

ahoy silverback, i think the closest translation might be “i have a whale’s cock”

hey, thanks for the translation - it seems that norwegian girls must be easily impressed !?

They are super stunning however and really depraved - i advise anyone to take a surf trip there.

Oh yeah, surf’s not bad too!