Hi Guys

I’ve just applied my hotcoat to my first board (6’4 2+1 fin setup)

The board used to be reasonably light (2x6oz glass on deck, 1 x 6oz on bottom) after lam coat.

After applying the equiv. of 1 litre of filler coat to the entire board it feels really heavy. This was only done yesterday so I am hoping the board gets lighter as it cures (I am no chemist :).

The other issue is that the rails seem not as smooth as the deck - can I apply more hotcoat to the rails before I start sanding.

Ta for the help


1liter of filler coat is a lot!

what resin are you using? epoxy or polyester?

If you want it lighter you’ll have to sand it.

I’ve noticed that going from bare bank to a glassed board is quite a big difference. I use EPS and epoxy but I still notice a difference. It takes a second to get used to the weight, but once you do it seems normal.

I also feel like the board loses 5 lbs after sanding. There’s a lot of extra resin on there that does get sanded off so don’t worry about it being too heavy just yet.

I’m assuming you’re using poly, so if you want to add more resin to the rails you’ll need to sand them beforehand. There probably isn’t a lot of resin on them because it all dripped off. If that’s the case then you need to consider using more catalyst so the resin will gel and kick quicker before it runs off the rails.

Probably doesnt help you, but, i have a twin keel that is made from light longboard foam, and a 6oz bottom, 6x6oz deck. It is quite heavy, which is a pain, but it is also good in other ways. In has great “glide”, and once up to speed, just keeps going and going, so in small and/or fat waves it carries a lot of momentum. I have a similar board to yours ready to glass, with the same foam, but i plan a 4oz bottom, and 6+4 deck, so hopefully it will be a little bit lighter.

If you are a snappy or high performance surfer, you should probably sand it a bit, as my board cannot be “thrown around” because of the weight. For me that’s cool, but sometimes i’d like it to be a bit lighter so i could throw it up into the lip. If you like to cruise, or like smoother turns, it’ll be fine