Help from the Hawaiians (Different topic!)

Okay, so my senior trip has been downgraded (Slightly) and instead of going to Maui we are going to Honolulu because of cost, to do Maui we would need to rent vans and pay for gas, this plus the slightly more expensive hotel reservations caused it to exceed the maximum allowable price by school policy (Sad, because it wasn’t exceeded by much and I’ve raised a good chunk of mine already, but since our class as a whole doesn’t have that much, they can’t fudge anything). Anyway, I was wondering how much it costed, and what kind of boards you could get, renting in Honolulu, I definitely want to surf while I’m there, even if I don’t get a chance to learn before hand. (If so I’ll just rent a big board and do my best, I’m good at other watersports so it should come pretty naturaly, but you never know.) Our hotel is 2 blocks from the beach, so needless to say that’s where I’ll be. We’re going in April. I know the beaches there can get pretty crowded, but I don’t think I’ll mind.

You can get boards at the stands at Waikiki for about $20 a day. If you go to Blue Planet Surf (look up the website for contact info), just up the road from Waikiki you can get BoardWork Surf epoxy boards for a good weekly rate. Weekday mornings in April are not too crowded at Waikiki. You might catch some south shore swell action too. Expect at least waist high waves.


double check the full moon cycles against the dates you expect to be here

the box jelly fish infestation follows the cycle which I forget you can look it up.

if you don’t want your school chums to get stung check it out…

A box jelly fish sting is very unpleasant

worse than stepping on wana (sea urchin) which aren’t found in waikiki.

I always thought it hilarious that the worse area of infestation of those little jelly guys is where all the tourist like to play.

Otherwise you can’t beat waikiki for a fun time in the surf if there’s no freak early south swell in April

If you’re here during the weekend maybe some of the waikiki swayers like Uncle D, Manoa or Honolulu can meet you for a session.

I live in the westside slums you don’t want to venture out here if you don’t know anyone, the locals can get a little weird at times, just ask Keith…

Okay, I was thinking, are there any shops where you could rent one board for like an hour, and then try another?


but 1/2 a day might be possible although daily is the standard.

You can rent a beachboy board by the hour right off the beach but rarely from a shop.

Just try and set up something with fellow sway BBr if you’re interested in something like that.

Logistics for something like that in Waikiki is the issue.

Also Waikiki is can be ding city with all the beginners.

April has to be close to the best time to be on the south shore. May is really the best, but different years get different swells. It’s unlikely there will be much north or west at that time, but you never know. East is usually onshore unless there are Kona winds… which could conceivably happen.

The mobility issue will have a lot to do with what/where you ride. Staying in wacky-wacky, rent a tank and go play with the tourists at Queens, Canoes, Pops - these are right smack dab in front of the beach rental stands. If there’s not much swell, you might as well just stay right there in town.

If you’re a sponger, and here for a while with no wheels, TheBus is pretty good. Students ride cheap(er) and if you’ll really use it for a lot of travel, consider getting a one-month pass.

Or you could bodysurf, but most of the places that were once good for that, have long ago been taken over by the spongers, damn them for that.

I’m not sure where we are in Honolulu, but we aren’t staying very long, it’s like 4 days or something. I’d love to meet up with one of you guys, but it’d have to be on the down low because I don’t think the school would like it. Something like, meet me at the board rental place or other place away from the hotel.