Help getting a board in hawaii

Hi, Im a long time lurker, first time poster, so hello. OK, heres the problem. I have been trying to get a quad fish out here in hawaii but need help trying to find a shaper. First off, I want a speed dialer type quad around 5’5, 5’6. I really hate FCS and thats all greg griffin uses. Other places like hawaii surf factory wont use lockbox because they said the jig was expensive and lack of experience with the system. Another shaper I spoke will use lokbox but I dont want my board to be a test dummy. I also emailed DJ Kane for a board and he said moonlight will do the shipping. I asked moonlight how much shipping would cost, and they quoted me 450 just for shipping!!! Are there any shapers out here that I missing? Anyone you would recommend? i would hate to spend the money on a board that I am not totally 100% satisfied with.

Howzit ek, $450 for shipping is way out of line. I sent a 6' minimal from Kauai to Ca a couple of years ago and it only cost $65 to the house. The other thing is businesses can get a discounted price. Maybe you should get in touch with Steve Lis here on Kauai, he's the man.Aloha,Kokua

you’ve got to be kidding…

unless you’re new transplant to the islands…

visit surf garage or that other little japanese shop on kalakaua at the start of waikiki cause that all they carry but those imported california retro’s but they are pricey…

a rainbow fish at surf garage with lokbox

A bunch of chritianson fishes with lokbox

a couple of Danny Hess’s with lokbox

a couple scott anderson fishes with lokbox

lokbox is typically for boutique operations and most places here work on a hard core production basis. places won’t sell box setups you can’t readily walk into a store and buy fins for… And in most cases its the glassing operation and not the shaper that manages the fin installation.

as far as shipping

it’s only going to go up

price of paradise they tell us…

Sounds like you found out why it isn’t offered - almost no one will put it in here.

In the future i may be working with Jim and his system.

We had many conversations before he came this last time about working together.

I was going to pay for the molds for the fins and he was going to bring me a jig.

He came and never came to see me. It can still happen.

While at T&C we had 5,000.00 worth of fins made and sold many Lokbox equiped boards.

There will never be a shaper here that will try as hard as i did to use Lokbox.

I use fcs so i can make the fins that i want on my boards.

I will shape you a board and you can take it to Bam Bam 808 and he can glass it with lokbox.

Then you can get the fins.

In my humble opinion, I would put your trust in Greg Griffin. Order the board, and let him run with it. If fin boxes are really a concern, follow Greg’s advice.