Help ID this 70's Dewey Weber Shortboard

Aquired this and want to know more about it. I think it’s a 70’s board. Yellowed but in very good condition.

6’3" x 22" at wide point x 2-7/8" thick winged pin-tail with channels, glassed on large yellow translucent glass twin keel fins with a center box, which has a very small 3" trailing yellow glass translucent fin. There are 4 carved channels running down the bottom starting at the center point through to the tail. Flat rocker, with some kick to the nose. Nose has a “beak.” Very Full rails and think through most of the board then very thinned and knifey rails out near the wings and tail.

The two small lames on the deck and one larger lam on the bottom just say “Surfboards by Dewey Weber,” typical yellow and red design. No modelk indicated. And inked on the deck onder the glass in fancy inked handwriting is says “Shaped by Mike Gaib.” (or maybe Goib). It’s numbered 21747 in the same pen.

It looks fast. It looks like something from the 70’s fish era, but not sure as that center box would make it an early tri-fin. And those channels? And it has a leash cup on the deck, that I believe is original but not sure. When did they come in?

The width, flat rocker, full rails and thickness make it look like a real good wave catcher and fast… I’m going to fix the dings plan to surf it. I’m 190lbs, so it may be a little small but we’ll see how it floats. if I like it, I’ll keep it, if not, maybe I’ll sell it. It would also make a nice wall hanger.

Anyone know anythinmg about this board and the shaper? Is is this a valuable collectors item? Hanger or surfer? I’ll try to get some pics up.

I thought I’d post some photos of the Weber to help generate a response.\