Help inspire a student to build a wooden board.

One of my students, like me, is a fanatical surfer. Sadly he’s less fanatical about learning (what’s new?)

To inspire him I want to set him a project to build a wooden surfboard (he’s on a boatbuilding course with lots of woody stuff).

I’ve looked at the archives and it is fantastic the amount of info.

What would you suggest? All I want is a comprehensive set of plans, NOT a kit, that way he will get the most out of the exercise.

The chap in question rides a shortboard but was a junior longboard champion a few years ago, he’s 17 now.

Any help would be appreciated and I’d get him to do a post on the construction from a teen point of view!



Plans be buggered just jump in . learn as you go others did. go hard . Be alegend you never know you may be the TOM JONES of hws just think women throwing there undies at you . go hard boy…

was that over the top on inspiration. sorry

Not over the top, I’ll pass it on to him.

He actually needs some lines to work to, hollow ply would be the way so he can cut out section shapes etc, just like boatbuilding…

Short story: When I was a kid in high school I had one older brother who was straight A’s, class president, impossible to exceed,etc…So I chose to be a class clown…You know the type…Smart enough, but dis-engaged…

My senior year I took vocational auto shop…Three hours a day…I found myself…Straight A’s…Easy…That class taught me that with my hands (and brain) I could do just fine…The prospect of being under the hood as a career didn’t appeal to me, but I learned in that one class that I had “aptitude”…

Eventually I found carpentry (or it found me), which has given me a financiallyvery successful career, but more important unparalleled life satisfaction…It never , ever, feels like work…I wish more people “got it”…

Thus my eagerness to get a project as cool as a hollow board in front of kids at an important crossroads in their lives…If only one kid…

I would be happy to donate a “How To” CD and a template kit…Let me know where to send it and what template kit to include…

One payback, he has to post his progress here on Swaylock’s…


BTW: I saw Tom Jones in Vegas in 2006…The dude is a legend and just killed it on stage…Very down south bluesy…Backing band had a Tower of Power style horn section…That’s what I’m talking about…!!!..

Hi Paul, thats more generosity than I could have hope for! You are dead right, woodwork is never work and I know that this will get a few other students involved. One of the courses we run is for so called disaffected young people. They always show glimmers of interest when we are doing a neat boatbuilding job. They are also “wow’d” but surfboards so we might really help a few kids through this.

The one lad that I’m working with will really enjoy this and he will certainly write it up on Sways.

I’ll PM you the details and I greatly look forward to working “with” you on this.

Many thanks


If you don’t go the Jensen route, you can also try this site:

You can find printable PDF plans and an enormous amount of information

on the process and technique as well as a wealth of step by step project

threads of hollow wooden surfboards built by other members.

my project:

pm if you have any questions.

Hi Afoaf (where does that come from?!) Thanks for the input, great link, some project that of yours! How does the 5200 hold-up? I know lots of people use it, the equivalent over here is Sikaflex. My boatbuilding background makes me think of using thickened epoxy fillets where the frames meet the skins. I know they wouldn’t become fillets when putting on the final skin but it should work anyway.

Great to see your work



The generosity of some of the people on this forum is truly amazing. I would mention names but I am sure I would forget somebody. I would like to say thanks to all of you guys that are always willing to share your knowledge (and more) with the rest of us.

A Friend Of A Friend…

The 5200 is PERFECT for this application.

I know that Mr. Jensen uses construction adhesive in some applications…also known

as liquid nails.

As you can see, you can go high brow (epoxy fillets) or low brow (cheap/quick adhesives)

when it comes to attaching frames to hulls and decks.

There’s a great tip from Andy Gere who is a member here and at…you can

put a tube of partially used 5200 in a couple zip lock bags and throw it in the freezer

to preserve it for future use.

I used 2 tubes on my board…that can add up…even though I applied generously I don’t

believe I could have done the whole thing with a single tube.

The only thing I’d mention is that bead and cove can be pretty clamp heavy…do a search

on “PVC clamps” on that other site to see how you can build literally hundreds of clamps for

tight rail strip glue ups.

Make sure to keep everyone posted on you and your student’s progress…I’d love to see

a Jensen build thread!