Help Me place my twin Keels & glassing questions

I am glassing my first board at the moment. I am making a 6’6" 22  1/2 2  7/8" Retro Twin fish for lake Erie. I need a little bit of help. My glassing schedule is 3 layers of 6oz on the deck 2 layers of six on the base. Oh and it is a stringerless Home Depot EPS. So far I have 1 layer on each side of the board. I was told that for the next two deck layers I can glass them on at the same time. Is this true?? Also I need some help placing my keels. Where would you guys place them it is relativley flat base board. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey, danpar,

Yes you can glass two layer at a time.  I line up the year fin edge with the tips and the top of the crack.  Usually, about 6 inches up and 1 1/2 inches off the rail.  Double foils straight up with no toe in.  Single foils with 1/8th inch toe in and about 2 degrees cant.  Tons of stuff in the archives. Mike