Help needed getting a board from San Diego to Cornwall UK...

Hi all

Bill Thrailkill is making me a board...but I live in Porthleven, Cornwall, UK....anyone got any ideas on getting it across the pond?

  • Are you travelling from Cal to UK and prepared to travel with a board bag?
  • Any of your mates?
  • Ideas on couriers who wouldn't charge the earth?
  • A cross atalntic paddle-a-thon?
  • Etc...

Any suggestions/help greatfully recieved...




I am putting Balsa’s California boards in to a container in San Clemente that would be traveling to France.

You might want to reach out to him to see if your board could hitch a ride.

It may be easier to get the board the rest of the way from France for much cheaper than the full trip…or you could have a perfect excuse to travel to the south of France!

If you want, your board could probably go in that container with mine but you need to figure out two things: first, how it will go from Biarritz to Cornwall. Second, you will need an invoice for the customs and it won’t be simple to pay import taxes in France then have them reimbursed when the board leaves France for Great Britain, then paid again (as I suppose you also have import taxes…) As a matter of fact, be prepared for a 3% import tax and a 19,6% VAT tax here in France. Plus shipping, which is calculated according to the volume of your board.

Many thanks for the offer...I'll look into the possibilities of getting it from France to Cornwall...and thanks for highlighting the import duties...