Help, San Diego swaylockers...

Hi guys, I’m itching to make a new board for myself, but a recent addition to my family made it even harder for me to shape: 850 sq ft apartment, no garage and 2 kids create a less than ideal situation for a hobbist.

last time I shaped a board (over a year ago) I had to send my wife and kid on vacation back to Italy, to have the place all to myself to thrash.

instead of visiting one of the many PROs around here, I thought it might be fun to have a board shaped by someone here on SWaylocks, maybe even a joint effort?

I’m not even sure this is a good idea, I’m just trowing it out there, and would like to get some feedback.

it would be a dream to have a compsand, but I don’t want to push it: any construction is fine, I actually like the idea of having something “exotic” and unusual under my feet.

I have a reasonably clear idea of what I want, but of course I’m open to inputs from everybody.

what do you guys think?



I think Italy would be nice this time of year… :-))

The kids’ll love it, give your wife a break…

you’re absolutely right: italy is nice this time of the year.

unfortunately I can’t send them:

-newborn (5 weeks old), not the best to travel with

-super-hyper toddler (3 1/2 YO), not fun to travel with either, unless you’re Mr.Fantastic from Fantastic Four and can grab him from 50 ft away

-paranoid wife that doesn’t liketravelling without me

-Visa problems that make it hard for uss to cros borders right now (nothing illegal, just beaurocracy to go through).

on top of that, put the 5 weeks of sleepless nights I just had, I thinnk even if my family wasn’t here, all the time away from my day job would most likely be spent sleeping…


Howzit moai, Think it’s time for you to get to know Keith Melville. He has those great getogethers in your area and he is a great guy to boot. He may be able to help you.Aloha,Kokua

if you aren’t in too much of a hurry, and don’t want anything too high-tech, I can help you make a board… give me a call or drop me a PM.