Help Save my #1! Pics and Q's...

I had a feeling that things were going far too smooth for a #1.

First the resin run under the masking tape, then I discovered two air bubbles under the rail and lastly I screwed up the hotcoat. I tried correcting a little pool of resin but the hot coat already gelled. One thing let to another and before I knew it, the board looked like this:

Can this be corrected? I’m sure sanding alone is not going to make it level. Would another layer of hot coat after some sanding do the trick? Would it stick?

Then there were bubbles… patch of cloth? Maybe do a complete tail patch to cover the fin boxes too?

And it looked so nice this morning:

Thanks folks, I knew I could count on you :wink:

Doesn’t look bad at all, nothing a little sanding won’t take care of. I have run into the same thing before and I think it was due to; 1) too much catalyst for the ambiant temp, 2) glassing where the wind hit it.

Just sand it down and then decide if it needs another hotcoat. Are you going to gloss and polish also?

By the way, great job for your first try!

Sand but be careful to not sand down into the cloth then hotcoat again,dont use anything over 100 grit.

same thing happens with too much catalyst.

Thanks RandR. Yes, I was planning gloss and polish, though the board already weighs a ton, no fins yet! It’s a bonzer 5.

6/6oz deck 6 bottom…

So another hotcoat after sanding would stick? Or would that be an overkill? It’s not clear in the picture but some of the spots are pretty thin…

Thanks again…


i would go 50grt or 80 to level it out with a hard pad and then finfish with 100 and gloss. It isn’t as bad as seems.