Help setting fins on unusual tail

I’ve had an idea for a while now, of a board I’d like to try out.

Inside rail (frontside) is 6’2" swallow tail, Outside rail is 5’11".diamond tail.

With DrewTang’s help, it’s going to happen.

After drawing out the outline, the Diamond side seemed really wide at the tail, so that side of the board was re-drawn

from the mid point down and brought in about 3/8".

Now I’ve got a blank thats almost like two seperate boards glued together at the stringer.

I’m wondering about the fins.

To put the trailing fin 3 1/2" up from the swallow tip would place it about 1 1/2" from the bottom of the diamond tip.

I’m was worried about thickness in the tail but that seems to not be a problem if I foil the blank evenly to the tip of the swallow.

I feel like that is the best way to do the tail even if that leaves the diamond kinda thick.

The front fins I guess need to be in proportion to the trailer? Leaving the front fin roughly 9" up, on the diamond side?

Thoughts about staggering them?

check out Carl Ekstrom’s asymmetrical boards and fin placement. there was an article about him and his boards recently in The Surfer’s Journal. Interesting stuff.

The Ekstrom boards are long, straight, fish like rails on the front side with a keel and a curvier, shorter outline on the back side with a quad setup.

What type of fin setup are you trying to use here?

I’m heading to the shop in a few minutes and we have a copy of the SJ with thte Ekstrom story. In fact thats what convinced me to finally do this board.

I didn’t read the article but I did look at the pics and his boards are certainly different from what I’m envisioning.

with exception to the asymetrical rails.

I am planning a thruster set up with FCS plugs. I have them on hand and need to use them up.

I haven’t really had a quad that I liked to surf and don’t really want to go that direction, but wouldn’t totally rule it out.

I have to tap out…I’ve got no clue what you’d do for a thruster setup…the Halcyons and PBLarrys might have some insight.

I’m sure you and Drew will think of something, but any tri-fin placement is going to have to be a compromise or one side is going to be, shall we say, unusual. (9’’ and 1.5’’ qualifies as unusual, I think). Make it a single-fin and it’s problem solved. Sorry I’m not any help…

I’ve built a bunch of these. You could make it a bi fin which was invented by Peter (peterless - but thats another story all together) Drouyn. He placed the frontside rail fin closer to the center and back (kinda in the area where a back four fin would go but a twin fin size fin (5 - 5.5") and then the short rail had a small 3.5 inch fin which was in the regular three fin spot or just a bit up from that … maybe an inch. The idea of an asymetrical is that your feet are not symetrical. Their attached at the heel so the heel side has more power and less feel while the toes have more feel and less power. Asymatry takes advantage of this by giving the toe side more power and the heel side more feel. I usually built boards that would have advatages in waves that went one direction. First peak at Sebastian was a such place and Jacky Grayson had a couple of these for there. I built a four fin once that you could change the fins on so that anyone could ride it whether they were right foot or goofy. The shape was symetrical but the fins could be switched giving the asymetry.

WE NEED PICS!!! (He writes, never having any, and thinking about writing about his own asymmetrical boards…)

After re-reading your post Greg - I may have to try that in my newest, w/seven fin boxes…

I’ve always gone thinner, narrower, and longer under my toes, and thicker, wider, and shorter, under my heels, for all the reasons you mentioned. I do off set my fins - the quads have been awesome - and use different fins, just not quite as radical as the set up you mentioned… but now that you have…

Here you go…some of mine from along time ago. THEY WORK REALLY GOOD JUST DON’T SELL.

Classic - I don’t see anything… Mod/Mike Help??? A good portion of the time when a post reads as though there is a picture, and often people respond about the picture, I see nothing. I’m gonna test right now and log out, and see if that makes any difference.

Well - no difference there…

I see pictures!?

I see the pictures and they are good!

awesome awesome

hello, yes I’ve tried staggering fins to make asymmetric boards work. Two attempts

and never again, but just because I didn’t get the desired result shouldn’t stop you

from trying.

this thread explains where I got everything wrong!

this one gives a bit more information and basically I have come to the conclusion

that the centre fin needs to be offset and set closer to the toeside rail. Getting a

rideable but quirky board is achievable, but I think its impossibly hard to get it just

right with fixed fins. I think 4-ways up front would be a good idea and at least 2 boxes side by side for the

rear fin are needed to experiment with sideways offset from stringer.

unfortunately some of the pics from both these threads are lost which makes it

harder to read. Although while searching for my old threads I’m rather stoked that I

came across this one, a bit off topic but pics still intact.

I forgot to metion the rails. Just a taste softer on the backside rail. The toes can handle more edge.

Thanks for the responses and pics(Ace).

I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to respond to them, I get very busy on the weekends with my real job.

From reading and looking at the pics it looks like you, Ace and TaylorO are somewhat in agreement.

It would only make sense for me to follow those in front of me, that have done the work.

I’m gonna go with what you described in words that seemed to be confirmed with pics by Ace and more opinion by TaylorO.

Trifin is out and a Bifin? it will be.

Would I be right in guessing this board will work in punchier waves better than mushy peaks?

Drouyn and Townend examples…