Help - Windex Effect

Can someone please help me out by giving advice on how to achieve an abstract, "marble" type of color effect using Windex?  I have seen it done a few times in the shop where I used to get my boards glassed but when I tried to get advice on how it was done the guys clammed up like I was trying to extract the ten digit coordinates of the Holy Grail.  All I was able to pry out of them was something along the lines of "yeah, that's just the ol' Windex trick".


As nearly as I can tell, the "Windex trick" must involve applying Windex after the lam coat and then shooting color over it while it is wet, but that is just a wild guess.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Somethings must never be divulged. You have upset the glassers Ju will now pay the price!


No windex for you!

I think I saw this in a glassing DVD that I bought.  It's the one in the three DVD set with Jim Phillips called Master Shapers Series.  It's on the glassing DVD, which wasn't by Jim.  I forget the steps.  I'll have to watch it again.


Edit:  Just a note.  He didn't use Windex, but I think the effect is the same as what you described.


Damascus Glassing DVD featuring RB (Mr Cleanlines)


Yep.  That's the DVD that I saw.

You mean kinda like this?




This is pre-polish...

I cannot seem to figure out how to properly post photos here...sorry.