Help with glassing epoxy resin on eps

We glasses the board with one layer of 4 oz cloth and I totally forgot to put the 2nd layer in. So this is how I put on the second layer.

A friend of mine glass the first layer fullwraped around the rails and it came out really nice. Then the next day I had to do it on my own,so I could learn, then disaster striked. I didn’t wanna wrap it again because I tought the procedure was to wrap the first cloth in and cut it like on the rails. Then the second cloth over the rails to the bottom. Since I forgot to do that, I just put like a big oval like patch cloth like around were my back and front feet is going to be planted like a stop patch, then when I glassed it I left to much resin in the middle of the board and it builded up pretty high. Also you can see where I did the second patch on the top ho do I get it to blend in? Will the line show when I hotcoat it or will it dissapper when I hot coat it? Also someone told me to knock down where it had the buildup of resin with like 220 on a sander and I did it but seems like it didn’t do alot. How can I fix this? Can I sand after laminating, I just don’t trust myself since this is my first time doing it, cuase I know I might go through the resin down to the cloth and weave’s will begin to show up. By the way I glassed the top first was it the right to do the top first? I’ll do the bottom 2night. Damn I got alot of stringies also on the rails and on the bottom, how do I take those already hard stringies off? Can someone show me a process on what I have to do. I really appreciate it thanks alot

dont panic mate, nothing a good piece of 80 or 100 grit paper wont fix sand and hotcoat and it will be fine.

Thanks mate


The stringies will sand smooth after you hot coat. If you want, you can surform them down before the hotcoat, but it’s so much easier to let the machine do the work. Stringies will always be an issue when you free lap, but with a little care and after some experience, you can deal with them. The first lam we did went pretty well, and we didn’t do anything special about stringies.

What some people do it they are worried about stringies is brush on a quick-setting cheater coat, only along the area where the stringies are, or along the edge of the wrap where you go from one layer to foam. This is easier to do with sun cure poly resin, or with catalyzed poly. In your case using epoxy and slow hardener, you can also do it, but curing will be a little longer.

Next time we’ll do the second deck layer with the top lamination. I was trying to be real careful since I wasn’t sure how much time we had with the epoxy resin. As it turns out, we had plenty time.

As for leaving too much resin on the board, no problem. Nothing much to do about it, just leave it alone and remember that next time, after the wrap around the rails is all pau, you can use the sharper edge of the squeegee to pull the excess off, or pull it to the rails where the board needs ding resistance. My own suggestion would be to leave a little excess resin where your back foot will be. This is where the board will take the most stress, and with two layers of 4-ounce on a 1-pound EPS blank, it’s good to have that little extra there.

The stomp patch will help too.

Others may have a different opinion about glassing the top first, but here’s my thinking… lam the top (and deck patch too) first, then the bottom. Then the overlap from the bottom glass will be exposed on the top of the rail, where it is easy to sand off. It’s easier to use the sander to blend something on a curve, than it is to sand it down to flat, which you would have to do if that last lap edge was on the bottom.

Hey… I’m happy to help when you glass. Remember, I got my hand in the monkey trap! Just need to arrange to have time. Maybe next time we go crazy with colors… that will be cool fun. Use the search function for “swirl” or what we used to call them back when “acid splash”. But you have all the spray equipment to do much more than that.


There are videos …

I second Greg. Alot of great information in those videos.