help with leaking vented leash plug

Noticed water running back out of vented gortex bottom leash plug. collected about a pint and a half over the next few weeks. finally got it dried out I think. board is #2 eps. cut out bottom of plug and sealed it with epoxy.
Should I recall other boards that I installed these plugs in? All were #2 eps except two #1 eps boards that I made for myself. Anyone else having this problem? All boards are two years old or more. I talked to a hollow wooden board builder who said that they only made to last two years.What good is that? Now I am shopping for a regelar screw type vent for my #1 eps boards. the wooden board guy had a plastic vent that could be opened or closed by hand. any leads on where to find these? sells a few varieties of vent plugs.  I prefer the gore tex type.  This is their thumb screw version:

kirk Tons of vents.

Bert had showed some pics of his DIY vents, which were basically just poured resin around a bolt inside a small resin-dam. When the resin cured you had a resin vent plug that you could screw a standard stainless plug into.

Then you’d just install it like you would a leash plug.

Bert’s plugs:

Cheap source for stainless plugs:

This is my latest one – just a screw in a binding post I found in a hardware store.  I just glued it in at the end with some 5200.

I make them in my machine shop. Heads are a little under 1/2" diameter, 1/4-20 threads, hollow with side hole (a Paul Jensen idea) so you don’t have to screw them out the whole way. Sometimes I knurl the edge, but mostly do smooth with a coin slot. Depending on your gorilla grip (or how cold the water is), you can usually hand tighten them sufficiently for sealing. The length is flexible. Uses an o-ring to seal.

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