Help with number one

Finally something to post. I finished board number one but made a few minor mistakes. I didn’t grind the laps quite enough so there is a little raised area. I am pretty happy with this being number one, I somehow managed to get laps with no air bubbles I stole the template off a paterson, 6’1" 19 5/8 2 5/8.

I laid my hotcoat a little thin though so you can just make out the cloth weave (pic taken with no sanding). I am debating whether to light sand and hot coat again or just say to hell with it and leaving it as is so it won’t be too heavy. I did double laps with the top and bottom wraping the rails completely so I figure I can just sand it to get really hard rails. Is that cool or should I hotcoat again?

This is my acceptance speech:

I would like to thank my mother for hearing me talk about making boards and actually researching enough to figure out to get me a planer for christmas, best mother ever secondly I would like to thank my skank of an ex girlfriend, if you hadn’t have been so manipulative I would have stayed in our North Shore house and never have had a workspace for building(though I am still bitter). I would also like to thank my dad for never being able to fix anything and constantly destroying anything that requires attention to detail, your inabilities with tools always drove me to be the one to fix things

I think the pourpose of the hotcoat is to fill in any little thinggys, and I think thats waht it accomplished. I would surf it now, but some one might have some more intelegent advice about why not… but I duno. It looks like you accomplished the goal of filling all the little holes.

You can seal it with clear acrylic spray paint. I like Krylon. Future acrylic floor wax. Mine always comes out with streaks. The best is a gloss coat. Looks like a nice board and worth the extra step. Mike

so, does resin absorb water or something so it requires sealer?

from what i understood the hotcoat seals the the glass?!? But i guess in this case the hotcoat is very thin and may need a little extra protection

right on thanks, I found some of the acrylic sealant at Home Depot in Pearl City. Gave the board a light sand and sealed it. Actulally makes the board look kind of nice, gonna do it next time even if i don’t botch my hotcoat.