Help With Short Board Transition

I currently surf a 9’2" WindAnSea performance longboard and a 7’10" “speed egg”. I would like to get a short board that I can use in smallish to overhead surf in the San Diego and Mexico surf. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of experience with shortboards, but I want something that will make for a somewhat easy transition. This means that it should be relatively easy to catch waves, carve turns and something that I can duck dive. I am 5’ 8" and about 150 lbs. Any suggestions? I have been thinking about a 6’ to 6’ 4" traditional style fish. I realize that there is probably not a single board that will be perfect for my criteria. Thanks in advance for the help.

Doesn’t have to be a fish, just has to be a small wave board. Any tail config works fine, as long as volume, width, and flatter rocker is maintained.

Seems the question would be why? Have you mastered your funboard?

And any regular tri fin of around that sizing would be fine.

LeeDD, thanks for the reply. Main reason is I want something shorter and more maneuverable. Also, I want something I can duck dive and handle in steeper, more hollow waves. The 7’10" speed egg is too big for that (for me). I love long boarding and will never stop, but I also want to get my feet wet with short boarding. I will most likely get the board custom made no matter which style I get.

I’m exactly the same weight as you, seems a 6’3" sized fish is not duckable.

A 6’4" regular tri fin, no problem…even a 6’8" x 18.5, no problem

But fish are wider, much wider nosed, wider tailed, thicker all around. You’d need maybe a 5’6" x 20 fish to duck like a 6’8" tri.

When I was 17 I was about your size. I rode a 5’10" Fish and was fairly tough for me to duck deep into the water. Surfed awsome though. Now I weigh 215ish. I’m looking for a board that will ride as well as that one. My ultimate goal is to shape me a board that had those properties.