Help With Tape

Can anyone tell me the best way to remove the residue left from packing tape on a board? Had one sent to me that was protected very well with bubble wrap but the tape residue is everywhere. I have tried on other boards to remove this and i always seem to create more work for myself. Any help greatly appreciated !!

Goof off works well or acetone, neither one will hurt the board.

Try alcohol or turpentine before trying acetone.

and, if you want to go the hippy route, Olive oil. I used olive oil and a razor blade to scrape the gunk off of my car window that was left from a sticker.



lighter fluid


lighter fluid

and matches. Hammer and chisel? just kidding;) sheesh…

Light it up ……I mean lighten up :wink:


Acetone might f-up some of the spray/rubbed acrylic finishes. Many light weight boards are finished with spray acrylic these days.

Acetone is a polyester resin solvent. It attacks the polyester resin, not a good thing on a finished board. I’ve had good success with mineral spirits for wax removal, I wouldn’t be surprised if it works well with tape residue too.

I used simple green, warm water, a rag and some elbow grease. I think a solvent would be easier though.

Carburetor cleaner in a spray can is safe for cured resin - poly or epoxy. Doesn’t take much, I wouldn’t overdo it.

That is true, acetone does act as a polyester resin solvent, but that is not what it was designed for was it? Once the resin has become a solid or crystalized I don’t think acetone has much effect other than, as stated earlier, removing the acrylic finish or polish that is sprayed on some boards. I use acetone all of the time and have never had a problem with it affecting the structure of a board. Please, tell me if I am wrong but my college chem classes seem to tell me otherwise.


I too have never had a problem with acetone on cured resin. But, it is often a weak solution on wax, tape residue, etc.

Try some gasoline on a rag. Smells like hell - do it outside - but it is a good gunk and wax residue remover. Does leave a slight oily coating (and smell) so, clean the board when done. Soapy water or a wipe with acetone on a rag - if you’re into volatile mixes (all the more reason to do it all outside).


DENATERED ALCOHOL, available at Home Depot, by the gallon. Shy away from Acetone. It works, but has risks named above.

WD40…takes sticky stuff off and a good wax remover if nothing else is available as well.

BINGO ! You have the final answer. Good call.

Starting fluid (liquid fire in an aerosol can) works for me

Mr Sheen - i don’t know if its available outside the Uk but is perfect for getting tape residue off and is safe

…never Acetone, Gasoline, or any solvent…

…I build most of my boards with a “speed finish” coat so I had prove all this solvents…

…if youve got a gloss finish is not good also. youll obtain less shine after…

…if youve got a sanded finish is not good cause youll obtain a softly glass (kind of), yes yes, you see all those “spider” scratches…

simply put water about 90 C and remove with a sponge…equal for the wax remove!

Follow up update. Thanks for all that posted, i let a few suggestions go before i tried anything. Carb cleaner was excellent !! Spray on the rag and wipe. Flashed off and did not mess with anything. THIS WORKS.