Herb[ed] tints ....

thanks , ZacKoopman  ,


[  and this article , too… ]




…  for getting me thinking …


  I’ll start with turmeric [since I already HAVE it ! ] , mixed with resin , in my next fin panel…  It could also be interesting , mixed with the ‘metal fleck copper’ powdered pigment  too, perhaps ?


Has anyone done this  ,  using herbs [ legal ones ] to colour resin ?


if so , how were your  results ? [… and …have you got any photos , please ?! ]


[ I still haven’t done the " beetroot juice experiment " , that I asked about ,  in my “chipfish61” days …




  test  time soon  , I reckon ?! ]  ** **




  cheers !


Have used coffee in ding repair resin to match old foam…can’t recall using other plant matter for color though.  Interesting idea !  Might appeal to the ecocentric.

cheers for that ,  Keith !


 did it turn out well ?


was it very POWDERY coffee [as opposed to granules] ?


I’ve often thought coffee, combined with some brown pigment , some caramel / butterscotch pigment , and yellow tint , could make a nice ‘faux wood’ effect  [ trying to get a result something like  ‘Cleanlines’ absolute cracker of a board that he posted a shot of , on the ‘lucky bastards glassing’ thread …]

I might start off with chilli , paprika , turmeric , and maybe some powdered graphite [lead pencils] , for starters . I’m thinking …if they were mixed in salt and pepper shakers , so the powder came out consistently , it might make a ‘cleaner’ pattern than the fairly random one I did yesterday . [ That , had three different coloured ‘metallic fleck’ powdered pigments … l used ‘copper’ , metallic green , and ‘silver’]

… ’ to be continued ’ …

 cheers !



…so , this was today’s experiment ! … just a small ‘panel’ first , for a test …

photo z5a_zpsfe481fd7.jpg

photo z5_zps57230290.jpg

Hey ben try adding the ingredients to the resin then strain. 


hi Zac !


  Yes , I might try that next … but 'muddying ’ is a bit of a risk , when mixing [too many] colours to the resin.

The colour separation was good , doing it this way [so far]


   …to be continued … [possibly with a red , yellow , green herb combo , next …]

I have used old coffee liquid in a clear acylic binder to give an aged look to a Painting. I Like the idea of useing herbs for pigments. Colleen might not like it if I used all her Curry powder to make a yellow pigment.  Fins, keep us updated with your experiments.


**thanks **for that feedback , Artz !



" Fins, keep us updated with your experiments. "


I will DO !    [ computer and this website permitting , of course …]


" RDM " suggested trying chilli powder next …for a red[dish] tint , I guess ?


I will definately make sure I am using GLOVES , and safety glasses , for THAT one ! [ as well as the usual respirator , of course ! ]


I am glad that people are actually interested in this stuff …I often wonder if I am just talking to myself , and wasting my time posting …


  so ,


cheers  [ for the positive feedback , guys ]  !



here you  go … the turmeric tint …


  [ And , ‘Artz’ … you could always buy your OWN curry powder , maybe ?   Then , you could tint to your [he]art’s content , eh ?!  …yeeehaaawwww !  ;)  ]

photo turmericasyellowtint4_zpsfe391363.jpg

photo turmericasyellowtint10_zps766462f1.jpg

photo turmericasyellowtint11_zps0eb2a2ae.jpg

photo turmericasyellowtint14_zps93dbcb99.jpg




How’s the UV stability? Very interesting and cool option…makes us hungry:)

hi fibreglass high !


yes , it will be interesting to find out …

… I wondered if it will 'fade ’ over time , myself [a bit like us older surfers ? haha] .


  maybe ,  when they are cut out and foiled , I could leave them in the sun here for a few days , eh ? [THAT was all it took , for my previously made [commercially bought] yellow 'fluoro ’ tint , to fade … [ that was a bit disappointing …]


chilli powder , next  […GLOVES , RESPIRATOR , GOGGLES,   for that !]


  cheers  !


Nice colour Ben. Did it go orange when it was dry or did it stay greenish like that?

Here is an interesting side effect of using chili powder. You won’t have to worry about barnacles or scum growing on the fins. Some boaters will ad lots of chili powder to the bottom paint. They claim it irritates the barnacles and other things that grow on the hull of boats. 

hiya Glenno !  … how ya been ?!


yes , it’s interesting …


in the 30ml cups , the ‘turmeric tint’ came out a caramel colour.


  On the panel , it shows as a yellow , with a kind of greenish tint to it ?!


It is one of those colours which doesn’t reproduce in photos that well / accurately. Here are two shots attempting to show it …

photo z16turmerictintpanel_zps07ac9f2c.jpg

photo z17turmerictintpanel_zps5ee61332.jpg


 Also , bear in mind … the overcast  summer  light here , is waaaay different to the cloudless bright clear blue sky summer light , back in my west oz  days  [… and , that these photos were taken at 7.55pm , too ! ]


  cheers !


hiya Artz !


… I think they might be pulling your leg there , mate ?!   :slight_smile:


[Also , of course …the difference being …THIS will be chilli powder , mixed with resin , inlaid two layers into a fin panel , so …no raw chilli powder would be exposed .


And I don’t stay near barnacles in a stationary position for hours on end , so I guess that is where boats and boards vary somewhat , eh ?!


 [ let me know when you try the turmeric resin thing , please …maybe , some nice resin art ?]


    cheers !



so after using a turmeric tinted resin for a topcoat on a fin today with a u.v catalyst also i found it didnt set nearly as fast as normal in direct sunlight i found that normally it sets in like 2 minutes but with turmeric it was like 2 minutes to gel and 15 minutes to a sandable state, unsure if it was the turmeric or perhaps i had put less wax in styrene in it (usually 2%)…still awesome colour and great idea thanks for the inspiration!!! 

nice thread guys keep it going but do yourself a favour and lay fins up on glass makes it a lot easyerer plus wont stik i always wax my glass with mould release wax first got some good ideas what about beatroot powder or molbry


Cochenille, brilliant.


beetroot powder , I’ll look into that …health food shop stuff , I’m guessing ?


 I’m still keen to do the chilli powder panel , too.


  Yep , I have never had to use wax release . With polyester resin coating the glass , and the masking tape 'dams’built up around the edges of the panels , I have always found that with a paint scraper under the edges , the panels separate from the glass pane , no worries !


   cheers !




Coffee yes herbs no

Posted: Mon, 2014-02-10 01:18

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Have used coffee in ding repair resin to match old foam…can’t recall using other plant matter for color though. Interesting idea ! Might appeal to the ecocentric. "


here ya go , Keith …


  I used coffee granules ,  in this 25ml  "semi-shot sized "  resin work !





photo IMG_5310_zpsfeaf2b5b.jpg