Here she comes,,, Watch out boys!

Ive created a monster


and here she is


Ah that bloody planer! 

And also repping my peace sign and probably messing up the nose. hah.

Now to make a logo... but how unimportant that is?  I just neatly write my name.

Board 3 of 1000000.  here we go.


Do your lungs a favor and get a real respirator. Those paper masks are worthless.

I interpreted the last pic as having a “Don’t bug me, I’m busy” vibe.    



I dont like being watched.ha

You go Whitney!

To shape and glass your own is huge.

what you dont see is the fan blowing across the board to take most of the dust away

thank god

i wish more of my shapers looked like this or were women versus what we are all used to in those dingy dusty corners.

Ever noticed that how over time all your “experienced” shapers seem to start to resemble each other in looks and personality…

just saying…

we are blessed to have Rachel and Witney here to balance out the steroid action…

go for it…

two hands on the very sharp power tools though…

I second what Oneula says…especially about the hands. Never ever ever put a hand in the path of an oncoming power tool (or any tool with sharp blades for that matter) as in pic #1. Scary. And do get a real respirator. You can interchange the cartridges for dust and vapor (for when you’re glassing).

Post up pics of the finished product.


she has been told "two hands"

on another note

she is as obsessed as the rest of us

when she's done with a board, she's allready planning the next......crazy!

Aside from being new to the use of a planer, having one that looks like a steam iron doesn’t help, either. I keep wondering why all manufacturers somehow decided to put such an awkward angle on “modern” planers…

It’s nice to see girls mowing foam, anyway. Keep at it, Whitney!


 leave my steam iron oh! I meen planer out of it!


Just kidding, Ken. The Bosch is a good planer but, just like any other recent planer (including the Hitachi -except “Clark mods”, of course-), his handle is badly positioned.


you are right

it aint the most comfortable

but its all I got for now and it is fairly lite

I knew the steam iron remark was in jest

sorry guys, i feel slightly embarassed right now for not holding on with two hands. I will work on that in the near future. johnmellor suggested making a weight to put on the board. i know they are soft (like a beanbag) but what would you suggest filling it with?

ahahha yes i have the bug ken. it keeps me awake at night.

sacred craft was a sensory overload & i couldn’t take it all in.

lead beans


Okay here’s my Christmas list. well at least a start to it.

blanks of any size

a gallon or so of PU resin

some 4 oz cloth

some tape so i can give it to Ken because i use all of his

a trip to Hawaii, Australia or Indo...

a real garage

okay i am starting to go off now. gotta run to class. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


 “i know they are soft (like a beanbag) but what would you suggest filling it with?”


Just find a soft scuba weight - it’s a sealed mesh pouch filled with lead shot. New at a scuba shop they are pretty cheap - probably cheaper still on Craigslist.

Add to list - Eye protection


I don’t know about other people, but foam dust kills my eyes. I like the chemistry lab style goggles (because they are sealed on the sides) rather than just safety glasses.