Hey Halcyon

Rich, besides the fins that you make, what type of fin would you suggest for my board? It’s 8’8" x 17.75" x 22.75" x 14.75" x 3", 50/50 rails with a tucked under edge, flat to vee bottom, diamond tail, single fin box, 5" nose rocker and 3.5" tail rocker. I’ve been checking out the 9" Velzy Classic and Wingnut Cutaway. What would be your choice between the two? What should I look for in a fin if I want it to be loose and yet hold in when I’m on the tip? Thanks, Mikey

Hey Mickey, Here are my thoughts on things. The Wingnut Cutaway is better for nose riding IMHO. It think a Farbow or a TK Flex are a better all around fins though. Some rake in the tip area and some surface area there are needed for effective nose riding One of these at about 8.0" or 8.5" inches should work well as a single depending in how you want the board to feel and how much drive you want. A California classic and Johnny Rice are worth considering as well. A Surfline Hawaii at about 9.0" might work great for you on your 8’8". Everyone want a little different feel under foot. Just some ideas – hope they are of some help. Mahalo, Rich