Hey, JR

JR, This is a late response to your request for references. Sorry, I took so long on this. (I can be lazy.) After wandering through my books I think the following two helped me the most (helped me do what is another question). They’re both pretty cheap and are likely to still be in print. They really won’t tell you dick about waves (only indirectly so) they’re for Fluids (in general.) David Pnueli and Chaim Gutfinger, Fluid Mechanics (1992) ISBN 0-521-58797-2 (482 pages)Well written and essentially for engineers. 2500 Solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics, Schaum’s Outline (1989) ISBN 0-07-019784 (797 pages) A mass of problems, which for me, seems to be the only way the stuff sinks in. (And even then, I usually manage to screw it up.) Neither of these books will take you from ground zero, you will need some Math know-how. Planing Theory … see the recent post referencing Paines thesis and my post on Du Canes original work on planing. (By the way, I bet Du Cane is still availble in many libraries, his work still remains popular, or at least given the return dates on the library tag of the one from my library, it would seem to be the case.) Again, my apologies for being lazy. Kevin

Nice board. Nice inlay work… Riggs Whalers? is that your logo?

Nice board. Nice inlay work… Riggs Whalers? is that your logo? thanks and thanks for the info on the books. Yeah, that’s it for the moment. Hope it’s not already taken? originally what I named my 11’er “Riggs Whaler”, its so damn big.