Hi!! anyone for sparkles?

I thought I would introduce myself. I’ve posted a few times and thought I would tell y’all a little about myself and show off a couple of projects I’ve been working on.

The alias, Hafte is pronounced haftee, or hafty is a nick name my dad used.

I’m landlocked in Utah and came here to learn more about water craft in general. A kayaker friend from Colorado talked me into helping him build some surfboards for him and while I was at it I made one for me. I’m a kayaker and love to surf and play in rivers, and I build my own boats and paddles. I’ve also started to kite ski and surf, so I have other stuff I see people here into as well.

We went to San Onofre about a month ago and started surfing with our new toys. Camped at the bluffs campground and played mostly at Old Mans and Dog Patch. I was able to stand up for the first time on about day three Aug 30 2005. Most awesome thing I’ve done since I started kite skiing. It’s a totally different feel than the butt surfing I do on the rivers. It was a really strange sensation to stand up on a wave… a way different perspective than sitting down. I loved it hope to get back next year and play more.

Here are pictures of my longboard and a couple of other projects too. Almost forgot here’s the sparkle.

more sparkle with the fish. If anyone is interested I’ll put up some details about it as well.

A couple of other projects, a skim board and a kite board that is in pogress.

Thats all I have for now. I’ll put up some details of the edging for the skimboard and the kite board.

These were taken with a crapy little phone camera. Best I have at the moment.

How do you get rocker into the skimboard? or is it just flat?



Yes, there’s rocker in the skimboard. I did it the primative way. I used two pieces of 7/32" birch ply wood, and epoxied them together on a table with a piece of 2x2 under one end and then used brickes on wood shoring to hold it all together. When the epoxy cured I cut out the shape I wanted, edged it with dynel and glassed it 6 oz x 3 on each side. Came out to ~8lb.

It came out with about 3 cm of nose rocker which from what I have read is about right for SoCal surf, and I plan to try it out behind a kite some time.

Never did rememeber to take it to the beach when we were at the coast. Wes to busy learning to surf.

Cool beans man,

Same concept I used to warp my rocker into my surfboard.



if you are using dcell or corecell use a heat gun and warm the foam to bend in the rocker it will hold when it cools

I actually used balsa, and it is already done. A heat gun would have been a good idea though, as i did loose some rocker when i lifted the bricks.



nice sparkles !

Hicksy may be interested …

so tell me …did you do it on the foam ?

on the lam coat ?

on the filler [“hot coat”] coat ?

cheers !


Glitter, metal flake, sparkles are a contaminent. They are pure cosmetics. That board is an EPS core with lots of glass/polyester fabric with dynel edging and skide plate on the tail. The sparkles are under the silk tye dye and a light 4- 6 oz. glass as the last two layers with prismatic metal flake under on top of the structural layers.

The really cool thing is that the tie dye will change colors if the sub layers colors are different. If I used yellow sub color the blues/reds will shift to greens/oranges. And the whites would be yellow. Does that make sense? The only rule I’ve found is the sub colors need to be light i.e. silver/prismatic or yellow. Dark Sub colors will over power the top colors.

If you look at the surf board pic. I could have done yellow rails with a yellow fade toward the center.

That would have produced a green, orange, brown, yellow effect where the fade was with the tie dye inlay over the top.

I can post pics of kayaks that might make that more clear. If interested.


that’s a really nice effect … I like it a lot !

thanks for posting those shots mate !

and thanks for the info !!