Hi! Wood_Ogre here

hi again mate !

It might be a bit early on yet ,


roughly what dimensions is the finished board intended to be ?

And , will you be doing glass on wood twin keels ?

[if you want to build the suspense , feel free to not answer yet …]

cheers , ‘mate’ ! [I would call you by your first name , but I don’t know it …or is it ‘Woody’ , by any chance ?]


Well here is some more.In the morning cut the skins 1/2 inch oversized. Laid them on plastic put glass cloth on and wet out with West systems epoxy 206 slow. I have used West systems in my shop for about 25 years for boat glassing Glue lams and glueing, so I have it on hand all the time. I have never used their 207 special which is the UV hardener so I will try it as I have a unit on hand from a job that fell through last year. While the resin was drying I mounted the frame back on the building jig so it will not twist or warp when I glue on the skin. The mounting brackets are bolted to the jig so I can get this assembly off without cutting up the jig. In the after noon I put the glue on the forms put the skin on with glass cloth inside and clamped it down . Started clamping in the middle and worked toward the front and then the back so the skin would bend to shape. With the glass still fresh it took the curves with no problem. About the board, It is Paul Jensens #7 fish template. Thanks again Paul ! The end use of this board is to be converted to a kite SURF board and is the test platform for my anti-cavitation fins and experimental rail fins. I want to push this to the limits and see how much it can take before I can brake it so I can adjust the building on the next board. Also need to experiment with fin placement keel placement and my rail fins.And of coarse foot strap placement. If this works I expect to do at least 2 more to adjust width, thickness and flotation.

Well I screwed up on this one too and posted 2 of the same pictures. If I keep at it long enough I will get it right!!

Isn’t it always the way, 2000 clamps and it all comes down to using bricks and heavy sacks…

This is coming along really well…

oh man !

this is going to be a board of great BEAUTY , and function , I can tell !

Might this just be the lightest , fastest , most manouevrable ‘hws’ fish seen here to date ?

[footstraps and kite aside …WILL you ride it as a surfboard FIRST, I wonder , “Woody” ??]

…great stuff ! I’m stoked for you , mate !



i’ve been lurking for a while on this thread wood_ogre, but feel compelled to write: your progress is inspiring. i look forward to following your progress.

Yep, I second you Oldy!

it sure is looking sweet so far, getting me all inspired to build myself a hws fish instead of a foamy now! ahh the decisions!

great work so far wood ogre, can’t wait to see the next installments!


I can just tell this is going to be a sweet board when its finished. Great progress. can wait to see some more pics

can we have a pic of what your useing as a vent.

and more pics! Off the frame. Trim the top skin. Put in the backing for foot strap inserts, leash inserts,vent. Also backing for fins and keel.

forgot this


did you say “foot straps”??

what is this board going to be used for?

looking great by the way! don’t ruin the sleek lines by screwing straps to it! PLEASE!!!

Hi Wood_Ogre,

What type of wood did you use for your internal blocking? Just wondering about weight issues vs strength.


Very, very nice project.

Maybe some kiteboarding experiment (footstraps)???

But I can’t understand why the wood cylinder in the nose. If you plan to put a vent, it should be in direct contact with the in-board air. Is the wood cylinder drilled from the walls to the axe???

Please explain.

I have recomended literally hundreds of people to sways.

this recomendationof m.h. to swaylocks is the single most gratifying

referal I have ever made.

good job mark I am humbled and inspired by your master craftsman ship.

I was impressed by the shop teacher from finland ,but you have eclipsed his work with the higher understanding of what these things are for.

this will surely inspire many birds on the wires to pony up and show some stuff.


the kite know it alls

at baby beach will choke

when you unwrap this finished beaut!

be prepared to take all thet dr lawwer cash deposits…

more status than their hummer.

Please Robbo, go back and read all the threads in this post and you will know what this board is about! It is a Kite SURF (SURF) board. It is intended to be a test platform for my off the wall ideas. I don’t care much about it’s clean lines or beauty. I am expermenting with different materials, different fins,rails, keels . And of coarse with Kite SURFing (SURFING) There is a difference between Kite boarding and what I am doing. First I will experiment with fins, then keels, then rails and when I have done that I will take it out and get as much air as I can and go for hard landings to see how much it will take to brake this board. Aftere that I will know what dirrection to go With board number two. I have been around a long time and know from my experiences that Surfing can be progressive or stagnent depending on your definition. Body surfing, boogy boarding, matt surfing, big boards, Windsurfing, Kite Surfing, Kite boards, It’s all about waves,water, wind ect. pick what you want and go with what you want and never think that what you are doing is the best way or the purest way to do something! Aloha Wood_Ogre

SuperFatPat, I will have some pictures laiter that will explain about the wood cylinder in the nose. Vent plugs in surfboards are not new. Surfed ALMO in 1970 with a friend who had a hallow fish board with a vent plug so I know they have been around at least that long. There ar a lot of wrong ways of putting a vent plug in and a few right ways. If you use an insert that comes in contact with the wood in anyway you are doomed to failure. As West Systems preaches ( INCAPSULATE). Use resin or cloth to protect the wood from water. Anyway Ill get to illistrations laiter. If I forget just keep reminding, ALOHA WOOD_Ogre

Pat. the wood that I used for all of my backing inside the board is balsa. I picked the lightest 1/4 sawn that I had. About the balsa, my friend Charley grew the wood here on Kauai and the trees are almost 6 years old. We harvested the trees in July and I milled them with my mill , Some of it is air dry but before we use it I put it in my solar passive wood kilne to make sure its dry. Because these trees are young the wood is very light. On this board weight is only a small issue as I wanted to over build the board, take it out and punish it (brake it) and then reverse engineer it on the next board to get the weight down and build the strenghth where it needs to be. Right now I do not have enough experience to determine any of this. Need to experiment!! The third board should be a keeper. By the way Pat I really admire how you struggled through your fish project with a lot of problems and still pulled it off. Your the kind of guy I would have liked working in my shop in past years!! Don’t ever do anything the way somebody tells you to do it! Listen to what they say (learn from them) and then take their ideas, improve on them if you can then do it your own way!! Aloha, Wood_Ogre.

Ambrose, I see the light on lait at night. What secret is behind your doors? You have balsa ,FCR plugs, glass and resin. Yes there is something doing behind those doors.

The lawwers with the Hummers, don’t have enough monney to buyy me! Not anymore! Never again! Case, Gates! They can all kiss off!!! Wood_Ogre Birds on the wire , stay on the wire , unless they fall off!!

Hey Wood-ogre I like the fish looks nice. Your idea on laminating the rail template and running it thru the thicknesser sounds good

I have been building kite boards for a few years know mainly for myself and have used allsorts of material. In the early days I built up a solid balsa twin tip and liked its ride. It is still kicking round in use as some ones light wind board.

It sounds like you have it covered, on my balsa boards I got a bit of water ingress around where I inserted my foot strap plugs due to movement/stresses. I now do as you say and set all plugs by over drilling and filling either fast setting PU or epoxy with milled fibres and setting the plugs in that.

Looking forward to seeing the finished board and interested in your rail fin concept. We have one guy over here who rides custom boards with large rail fins moulded into the rail, sort of like carring the bottom concave thru and over the edge.

Couldn’t see anywhere what thickness skins you are using? And what is the dark wood inbetween the balsa on the skins WRC?

Keep the pictures coming