Hiding mistakes

Hi All,

I need some advice on some ‘cosmetic’ cover up. I recently glassed my first board (my hat goes off to all of you who can glass well. It is definately an art!) and I have noticed some big ugly black/grey smudges under the glass. I dont know how they got there, but now I have to work out how I am going to cover them up. I haven’t glassed the fins on yet or done the hotcoat. I am thinking of a few different options but they all seem to have problems. I was thinking of painting over the lam resin but I dont know whether I will be able to stick the fins on over the paint. Will resin bond to the board over the paint? I was also thinking about putting pigment in the hotcoat and putting that on before I glass the fins on (the fins are made out of wood and look Kickass, I dont want to put colour over them). If I glass the fins on over this, will resin/glass bond to the hotcoat? Any advice or other ideas will be GREATLY appreciated!


depending on how big they are, and where they’re located, might be cool to do a little pinlining over and around it to obscure the smudges. or maybe glass on your fins, then tape them off and throw on some different colors of opaque pigmented hotcoat resin to obscure or even completely cover the smudges. then remove the tape around the fins and hotcoat as normal.

Hi Soulstice,

I was thinking about taping the fins off, but then I will have an edge of colour leding up to the fins which I didnt want. Thats why I was wondering if I could glass the fins on after the hotcoat so that it wouldnt have that effect. Unfortunately the smudges are pretty significant so pinlining wont be able to cover it. I also want the board to be just one solid colour…clear glass would have been nice too!



If you don’t mind the Surftech look, your solution could be: laminate the fins on, do the hot coat, sand as usual and do a very opaque-tinted bottom gloss.

That’s just what I did on this one, in order to hide some irregularities in the tinted resin bottom:

Of course, be careful when fine-sanding that gloss coat (especially the rails) .

I’ve airbrushed a sanded hot coat and then just put finish spray over top. It worked pretty good.


You said it was your first glass job, correct? Then fin it, hot coat it, sand it, wax it and ride it. Next one will be better. This one will still give you the thrill!

a american indian concept,

leave an apparent flaw.

if the gods see something too perfect

they may become jealous

leave a flaw.

these smudges sound good

they will remind you of your

imperfection that make you human.

besides that when preparing for a building inspector

leave an apparent ‘‘fix this’’

and the inspector will tell you about it and their day is complete

if the job is too good they look and look and look to find somthing wrong

to prove their critical prowess.with a good smudge the concerned peanut gallery

just may miss the asymetric quality of the rail line or the bent mudflaps…


I think your board is bitchin.

yeah hot coat fin it and glossit

aaannnndddd rrrrriiiiiiddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Also, w/ a little flaw, that first ding won’t hurt your heart so much.

Or, in a similar vein, do like Microsoft and call mistakes “undocumented features”.

sounds like pencil lead in the mix smuggy stuff

Thanks everyone for your replies, some helpful ideas. I still would like to know about lam resin sticking to hotcoats and paint etc. I know its my first board and all, but besides these smudges everything has turned out pretty good. If there is a way i can get around having a shit looking board then I would rather try that first.



Put the fins on and hot coat, a heavily pigmented fill coat will work or there is a whole load of different ways to get art work on a sanded hot coat to just cover up the smudges and if you stuff up it can be sanded off very easily if you dont like it.

search for artwork, pain pens and stensils for ideas.

i had some crooked ass laps…so i just painted some fatty pin lines with acrylic and hot coated over