History of my board

No I am not trying to see it I am trying to find out a little more about it just so I know about it. I live in TX so I surf what little waves we have here. I never surfed this board, but there is compression dings on the top side. I have taken it to sever people down here (Mike Doyle local shaper) and a couple others but no one knows any thing about it.

The one guy in Texas who comes to mind when discussing old boards is Pat Magee. He used to have a Texas Surf Museum in his shop, and probably knows quite a lot about old surfboards, compared to most Texans at least. I’m not sure if he’s still in business but you could try a web search using his name.

And, I’m not surprised that board is in Texas, as I do believe that Braniff’s US HQ was in Dallas.

Lois pits and gershon was the advertising agency in New York They handled all the Braniff advertising we built Surfboards for them back in the 60s for their terminal in Texas to my recognition this was one of the boards we built it was a designer and artist who created six boards that were used in the terminal I believe his name was Puzo 

charlie Bunger

Bunger1 thanks for the info.  sorry so long to get back, was talking to some family members and they seem to remember about the same amount of boards out there just could not come up with who made them.

thanks for your help

Not sure why it took you five years to reply, but you should know that Charlie Bunger died in July of this year.

He was a legit East Coast legend.