Hitachi P20ST

I found one on Ebay that is 100$ and surf source sells for 400$ but the one on ebay is not modified. is it cheap to modifiy it or would i end up still paying 400 dollars?

Not worth it.  There was a modified Hitachi for sale here on Swaylocks in the Surf Shop for under $300 recently.  You should be looking for a Bosch anyway.  Much better planer.

Actually if you look over on the Surf Shop page you’ll see two Hitachi’s there for $275.  If that is the planer you really want you should snap up one of those.  If they aren’t gone already.

what is the difference between the bosch and hitachi? also i know there are different blades such as what surf source calls “shapers drum” does it really make that much of a difference?

The ST sucks ass, not gonna sugar coat it. It feels like a toy.  The ones Harbor Freight sell feel more solidly built.

There are 2 types of people who will tell you the P20ST is a “good planer” The first are low number backyard guys who have been in business less than a year and its the only planer they have ever touched and have no comparison to what both a solid planer and quality feel like.

The second type is a retailer who is trying to sell you one. because they have 350.00 tied up in the one on thier shelf.

We bought one for our rental shaping bay, thinking it would be nice to have the newest version. All 3 of us hand shaped a board with it and threw it on Craigslist that same day. Works ok, better than nothing, but feels like a piece of junk.

The Bosch is 10x the planer that P20ST is

A Modded OG clark foam is 8x better



just my .02

The Bosch is the Sh*t.

Cuts cleaner, (carbide blades).


Has a better weight and lays flatter,

Built to last.

Sold ALL my Hitachi’s.

With PeteC’s mods, all you need.

I believe he’s selling the DIY kits fairly cheap.

Planer is about $150.00 new.

I don’t think I need to elaborate or contribute further.  'Nuff said by the above.  Oh— Only that you need a grit barrel like you need cyanide.  Lowel

any comments on dewalt planers?

Are you planing doors? Or do you want to make surfboards?

If you are planing doors, get whatever you want they all do the same shit.

If you are building surfboards… between, myself, Barry and McDing, you have the answer you need.

Nobody mentioned a dewalt, because you dont make surfboards with them.

Acqua--  I feel yor pain bradda.

as others have said on this thread it is preference, the only reason i brought up dewalt is because it was given to me for free. and it works. nice clean cuts once i figured out how to use it. i am still going to get a bosch though to try it out. thank you for everyones help.