home made hollowness

has anyone ever cut a shaped blank longways from nose to tail?? maybe the heat saw/cutter would do it.??? then open up the blank and hollow it out… glue it back up and glass it… would the air inside cause it to expand and blow out?? doe sanyone think this would work??? thanks sudz

i got some extra esp sheets i think i might try that but not sure because you would have to use a templete on both sides and then hollow it not to deep wait no im not going to do that i dont have any time

It will explode, but you should do it anyway???

wow that really makes me wana do it now ( that was not sarcasm) do i dont have money to waste but if some one has the time money ect. do and flim the blast

Vent Plug?

S, I don’t think this is a good idea. To be sure, the strength of a board lies in the outer shell of glass (or whatever you use) but the top and bottom skins have to be related structurally.

Think of a deck of cards. You can bend them. But if you “hollow out” the center of the deck, what will happen? It’ll “break” there.

I can’t explain it/find the words to adequately explain it, simply, in structural terms, so think of the analogy. There has to be material in the center to transfer the shear stress.

Now, a HWS doesn’t have material “in the center” since they’re hollow, but we’re dealing with stiffer materials there. Let’s not complicate the discussion with HWS objections… I’m thinking about those myself.

Jim Phillips has done this to a board he built for Dale Dobson, there is even a thread about it here on Swaylocks, try a search.

aren’t there shortboards made of hollow foam

can’t remember the name, but they are a baby blue in color

seen a nice cutout of one, pretty nice design