Homemade caliper template

If a surfboard fin and all could be shaped, glassed, polished etc. fin, boxes etc, via computer, mouse, keyboard and 3D Printer; That would be the ticket. The ultimate complete hand crafted form with function. You old guys don’t appreciate how rewarding it is to “double click” and “drag”.

Hey Bill,
Ive traced a fiberglass supply scissor caliper and am going to cut that out, but thought it would be cool to use my friends laser cutter. But yes, creating a vector file is a pain in the butt! Much easier to cut one on a band saw.


DRAG, being the operative word.

Hoping you get my very dry sense of humor Bill. Lowel

The most complex computer in the universe (the one between your ears) is pretty cool to utilize for design work also, but probably too much trouble for a lot of people to learn to use competently enough to be rewarding, haha.

Point taken Huck. Well stated in your words as well the quote. Guilty here. M’Ding, I find the double tap much more satisfying than the double click.

A Double Double is even better…

Hah! Animal style. I just read the beginning of this thread with LeeDD fighting the good fight. I don’t see him as negative but practical. If all people do is draw on the computer, how do they train their eye? Looking at a 30:1 ratio drawing will not represent the end product. I’ll say it again; the Mead Hall guys would draw full size outlines on butcher paper, tape them to the ceiling and lay back and stare at them to see their potential. The guys on the machines have the benefit of about every conceivable template curve already drawn, made and put aside or used. But that doesn’t preclude the need to have a very discerning eye. You must be able to see the wonks in the foam or be condemned to making and riding dogs.

…very funny and precise McDing.
I am not too old, nor hippy, not enough purist, not a master of the design, but I see that we have here (and everywhere) a brood of new guys that living a parallel world. Read it as crafts, music, an all sort of arts. This type of people think that all what you need to do is pose and some factory at some point would determinate everything in their life; they think that to produce a great 3 min modern video clip to post on ytube there are no any real work behind; they want all sterilized (like with new motorcycles). They do not want vibes and they want all just add water (via a computer, a software like this case)
I am saying all these and I was studying programing in early 80s when nobody knows what a computer was…
The epitome of all this is the machine shapers; that do not know too much but think that they do the best and laugh at all the others (like me or us) talking about the future, the precision, the duplication, and many more non sense (for a surfboard) stuff.
Happens the same with the record engineers; every time that I go to record something, they think that have all done right with the plug ins…but not.
Happen the same with the digital cameras, and with most. Is a parallel world. Impossible that a person like this understand that in what they rely is not better in MOST cases.

Well said reverb. And since you mentioned motorcycles; Can you imagine one of those types kick starting a Harley and stopping to adjust the fuel after every kick. Not likely.

Q "So why did you buy a motorcycle? do you like the feeling of the wind in your hair and the freedom it allows?
A “no ,I like constantly having to fix it and, it’s really fun to kick start.”

Any chance someone could post up a picture of a few home made calipers of i can trace some ideas onto some paper, and cut one out of some wood, with a jig saw. i have some scraps of ply that i think will work.

sorry just trying to bring it back to a practical place ;0

You can change this up and make calipers. This was designed by someone who wanted to trace rib slices from a board.