Homemade Wax???

Ok I scanned the Archives for the homemade wax thing… ( after reading someone else and suggesting that they check the archives{ I just did that }) I couldnt find the thread on it… please help point it to me or something… thanx… I’m just curious as to what it involved and so forth… thought it’d be some interesting reading. Later.

If you use "wax and “formula” in Mike’s new, lightning-fast search bar you’ll get the correct thread. Problem is that the page with the formula I linked to has been removed. Probably at the “request” of one of those handful of companies that have an interest in producing wax. By memory you’ll need: mostly candle wax (parrafin) as a base, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) as a softener depending on water temperature, microcrystaline wax to hold it all together, one other ingredient that escapes me now, wax/candle dye for color, and candle scent or essential oils for the smell. Try looking at candle making books and websites for variations and sources. I’ll post the formula on Monday (it’s on my work computer) for everyone who’s interested. It has all the ingredients and percentages. It’s all fairly toxic stuff. You may want to investigate alternative (i.e. natural) ingredients like: beeswax, hemp oil, olive oil, vegetable or soy waxes. Rob Olliges