hot coat, cure time and fin/leash plugs.

Hi all I’m new here and doing my 1st build and got to say I’m loving it. I’ve got to the hot coat stage and done both sides.

How long should i wait for the board to cure and to start sanding? In fear of hitting the weaves when sanding I don’t want to take too much off as I’m finishing with the hot coat, what advice can you give me on what grade paper to start and finish with, how much I have to take off etc.

Also when fitting the fcs fin plugs and leash plug do I use the same mix as a hot coat with wax or normal laminating resin mix?

Thanks for any help given :slight_smile:

Some like to sand the next day. As the resin is softer.

Easier to sand too much off.

If you wait a couple days, it will require a bit more sanding, yet probably wont hit too much weave.

I prefer just a splash of Surfacing agent in the mix to aid with sanding.

Happy sanding!

Thanks for your advice Barry. That makes sense. So I can put the plugs in that soon as well? No too afraid to sand a bit coarser to start with now I’ve left it a few days.